Juventus 1, Milan 1: Tired in Turin

Milan have had one difficult week. With three very tough matches against three difficult opponents, as well as an early spree of injuries, we knew this one would be tough. Despite Allegri's side giving probably their best performance of the season, though, Milan were able to leave with a point. A result that is much better for us than it is for them, given that they are now actually in the relegation zone with only two points from their first four matches. A very opposite position than they are used to being in. Milan, though, held on and fought bravely back from a goal down to grab the pointe, despite being visibly tired in Turin.

The Juventus voodoo

The match started out with Milan firing chances, and then boom. A Theo Hernández error led to a fast counter attack and a Morata goal in the fourth minute. 1-0 Juventus. That really took the wind out of Milan's sails, and gave Juventus something they haven't had much of lately: confidence. Despite that confidence, they would only take nine shots, with four on target. Milan actually had 56% possession and 13 shots, with three on target. 

The game was very physical, one might even say brutal. In fact, it reminded me of this Nike advertisement from 1996, only Milan were the "Good" and Juventus were the "Evil." (You can thank me later for the gratuitous Paolo Maldini cameo.) Our defense had some incredible tackles, (maybe Maldini has been helping them?) including Kjaer's in the 22nd, Kalulu's in the 57th, as well as pretty much everything Tonali, Tomori, and Rebić did in this match. It was amazing. I feel like Chiellini in particular will be feeling the aftermath of attempting to mark Rebić for some time. Our guys were fierce.

Another muscular injury

Unfortunately, Kjaer left the pitch in the 36th with a muscular injury. I was surprised that Pioli risked all three of his best center backs with Calabria out, given that Kalulu was available. Particularly when he had to use an early sub and bring the young French defender on anyway, and he did really well, almost scoring a winner in the 86th that Szczesny miraculously tipped over.

Also confusing for me was when Tonali was shown a yellow after Dybala fouled him with a very late challenge, then pushed him, as well. I suppose Tonali may have said something, but both players were given yellows, the only cards in a match where Doveri could have used a rainforest's worth of cards.

What a team that is near the top of the table does

Milan probably should have taken all three points, but at least got the equalizer in the 76th when Rebić scored a brilliant header from a Tonali corner. 1-1 all. Milan continued to attack, and Juventus also battled with all that they had, but in the end, neither team could take all three points, and a draw was probably fair. The refereeing, not so much, as more calls should have been made for both sides, but it was also kind of nice to go to Juventus' stadium and not have the referee decide the match for once.

Milan were missing Krunić, Ibrahimović, Giroud, Calabria, Bakayoko, and then had Kjaer go off injured, while Maignan toughed it out and played injured as well. After a week like this, a draw was not a poor result. In fact, despite a loss midweek and a draw tonight, everyone is still talking about how well Milan are playing. Even if they were tired in Turin.

This post inspired by the music of Muse's "Butterflies and Hurricanes"

Our next match is
Serie A Week 5
Milan vs. Venezia
Wednesday, September 22 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)

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