Poll: Will Milan Make it Past the Champions League Group Stage?

The Champions League draw happened. We know our opponents. Now it is time to look ahead. Milan knew that being in pot four would automatically pair us up with the best clubs, but this group may just have four very strong teams all hoping to progress. Yet Milan were the strongest from that final round group stage? 

#BackHome, but for how long?

Milan were drawn into Group B, with Atlético Madrid, Liverpool, and Porto. 

Atlético were the champions of Spain this year, and are coached by a die-hard Interista in Simeone. As for Liverpool, if you only know about 2007, go back and watch 2005 to know why these matchups will be so emotional. Of all matches, that final in Istanbul still haunts the players, as Paolo Maldini has often said. Plus, they are only one trophy behind us now, and we need to stop that nasty trend. 

Baresi's reaction to our draw, narrowly missing Group A with Man City & PSG

Porto have been incredible, they also finished second in their league last year. Like Juventus, they also have two Champions League trophies, but they knocked the Bianconeri out of the Round of 16 last year in a fantastic David and Goliath match at J Stadium, even while on ten men. They are certainly one of the tougher third round choice teams as well.

Former Galliani signing and Milan player Michael Essien selected our group

So do you think Milan have a chance? Take the poll. Feel free to leave a comment below or on Twitter or Instagram as to why you made that choice.

The highlight of the ceremony for the draw was when our own Simon Kjaer and the Danish medical staff were awarded the UEFA President's Trophy for their heroics in saving Christian Eriksen during the Euro Tournament this summer. You can watch the video clip from the ceremony here. Congratulations to our Viking defender!

Captain Kjaer

I also couldn't help noticing that they pointed out that Milan have seven Champions League trophies and were the first Italian team to win a European cup. That was in contrast to Juventus, who, as they pointed out, are still looking another trophy since 1996. So delicious. Even more so with the last minute exit of their failed Champions League talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo. Not even he could get them and their €236 million in wages players to pull it off, so I guess he's going somewhere he thinks maybe he can.

All of the groups

This season will be so competitive in both Serie A and the Champions League that anything is possible. I like to dream Milan can do well in both leagues, but only time, the frantic end of the mercato,  injuries, and COVID-19 will tell. Speaking of time, our first Champions League matchday will be September 15th away to Liverpool. See the rest of the calendar below.* Until then, dare to dream of red and black Champions League nights once again, whether we last through the group stage or not. Forza Milan!

*UPDATE: The dates for our Champions League Group Stage fixtures

This post is inspired by the music of Tony Britten's "Champions League Anthem"

Our next match is
Serie A Week 2
Milan vs. Cagliari
Sunday, August 29 • 20:45 CEST (2:45 EDT)

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