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Whether by plan or necessity of finding talented players for cheap, Milan's squad now has a core group of native French speakers. With Olivier Giroud reported to be taking his medicals for Milan soon, that number increases by yet another player. Having a very limited knowledge of the French language myself, I decided to let our players help put together some very basic French lessons.

"Tue es prêt pour le match demain?" "Oui, je suis au taquet."

French class was never like this...

L'histoire – history in the past, present, and future.

Au revoir – if you see the back of Theo Hernandez's jersey, you may as well say goodbye.

Inarrêtable – Unstoppable. See also Franck Kessie.

Avant-garde – on the cutting edge, usually in the arts, but in this case, in our midfield.

Raison d'être – Milan. The reason for living.

Comme il faut – is a phrase that means 'as it should be,' and with Kessie, it always is.

Comme puis-je fous aider? – 'How may I help you?' After Deschamps' French side crashed out of the Euro tournament to Switzerland, Theo Hernandez is still waiting for a callup, patiently offering his help.

Il ne faut rien laisser au hasard – an idiom that means 'nothing should be left to chance,' Maldini brought in Maignan for exactly that reason.

La dévastation - what happens when a 20 year old defender gets his first goal in the final minutes of a game to steal a point

Pardon, excusez-moi'Pardon, excuse me.' Saelemaekers demonstrates his manners to the keeper

Il termine le boulot – means 'he finishes the job,' and when it comes to penalties, Kessie is the ultimate assassin.

Ta gueule! – 'Shut up!' Bennacer's skills speak louder than words.

Être au taquet taquet is a piece of wood put between a door and a wall to block it. But this idiom is actually more like 'going full throttle.'

Je ne sais quoi – Saelemaekers just has that certain something to endear us all, he is indescribable, in spite of the dancing and the haircuts.

Déja-vu – the experience that other Serie A clubs have when Kessie goes to the spot, because they feel as though they may have seen the same thing before.

Bon voyage – Kalulu is so fast that if you let him have the ball, you'll be left behind with your luggage.

La famille – Milan are a family, first and foremost.

L'hauteur – 'the height', or 'the altitude,' as demonstrated by Kessie and monitored by local air traffic controllers.

Ah, la vache! – yes, this funny expression directly translates to 'Oh, my cow!' but it is used to express excitement and surprise, which Saelemaekers is full of.

Joie de vivre – literally the 'joy of life,' or in this case, the joy of scoring for Milan.

Non! – No! Why do you need to be told twice?

Tout simplement magique – Simply magical for our midfield.

Le Président – known for often sporting haute couture, Gazidis has really got to learn to stop parking in his spot.

Mon Dieu! – Saelemaekers worships the deity known as Ibrahimovic.

La victoire – Victory.

This post inspired by the music of Eartha Kitt's "C'est Si Bon"

Serie A's Calendar for 2021-22 will be presented this Wednesday, July 14

Milan's first friendly will be played at Milanello
Milan vs. Pro Sesto
Saturday, July 17 • 17:00 CEST (11am EDT)
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