When Heroes Return

The last time we saw our Milan heroes all together was March 8th, when we lost to Genoa 1-2 at the San Siro, with no fans in attendance. Since that time, we have been mostly locked down in our homes, and tragically deprived of any and all live sports. So, in spite of the ridiculous drama that Italy has created around the return of football, our heroes are finally going to be able to return individually this week to Milanello to be tested and begin to train again.

The heroes we have been dreaming of

We are all scared of what could happen. We don’t know if this means football will return or not, but our players will be bravely trusting in our club’s medical staff to help them to regain full fitness, and hopefully be able to play together again soon, too. If all goes well, and they can find a way for Serie A to play once more, then the season will be allowed to finish.

This is crucial, not only for sports-starved fans who want to see how the season ends, but also as a symbol of hope for the rest of our lives. If football can return, then maybe we can return to work, too. If Milan are playing, then maybe we can get haircuts and shop for shoes again or go to restaurants together and all of those other regular things that we once took for granted.

Bring our heroes back... please?

Football has long been a symbol of hope, and this return of our heroes is no exception. They are willing to go out there and face the great unknown, to stare in the face of this pandemic and in doing so, help us to experience joy again. Even though they risk everything by taking this risk, they are showing courage and renewing our faith in the ability to live normally again someday. That is hope personified.

Their return is not without controversy. The Italian Minister of Sport, Spadafora, has done his best to block football (and randomly no other sports) from returning. Why he would say and do the things he has is completely beyond me. Maybe someone should swab him to test for a mental illness. But the Prime Minister has assured us that if it is at all possible for the season to finish, it will, despite Spadafora. If the drama is the worst roadblock to football returning, then that is more than enough. Life without football has been a tough enough pill to swallow, we all want to see Milan return – safely – to the pitch.

We may be a long way from fans returning, but at least to see our heroes play again...

Right now, my hopes and dreams rest with about 25 heroes who wear the red and black. As they return to be thoroughly tested, then train individually until they are allowed to train in groups again, I will keep them close to my heart. I applaud their bravery in a time when the entire world has had to live in fear. I applaud their willingness to be amongst the first to help us return to normalcy. I applaud them because they are my heroes, they always were. Only now, I commend them even more. This is what it’s like when heroes return.

This post inspired by the music of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

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