Brescia 0, Milan 1: With Swallow’s Wings

Shakespeare wrote, “True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings.” For Milan, that hope tonight flew at the expense of the swallow’s wings. Le Rondinelle (the little swallows) fought furiously at home, but it was Milan who went home with all three points. Which proved that if you have a 6’5” (1.96m) goalkeeper, it doesn’t matter how talented your little swallows are.

Our hope comes at Brescia's expense

The first half was more of a battle than Milan seemed to anticipate. And there were ref calls that likely frustrated both sides, such as a couple of handballs Milan did not get, including Mateju’s double infringement in the 28th (although not in the box.) Brescia were likely feeling far more robbed as Kjaer fouled Torregrossa in the 30th, but was not given the second yellow card. To be fair, Valeri did what refs are instructed to do there, but I wouldn’t blame the Brescia fans if they were upset.

The second half was much more intense. Gigio will have Torregrossa’s face in his nightmares tonight, and the Brescia captain even got one past him in the 55th following a breathtaking Gigio save on his teammate, but the goal was called back for offside. Between Torregrossa and Tonali, Gigio was very busy.

Looked like a battle to begin with

Meanwhile, Ibrahimovic battled fiercely, despite missing a shot in the 40th minute from a perfect Theo Hernandez cross and having Castillejo’s 83rd minute goal called off because the Swedish giant was offside. He is still a point of reference and remarkably involved in all aspects of play despite leaving his retirement home in Los Angeles and the MLS to return to Milan.

Once again, it was the Croatian super sub, Rebic, who saved Milan from themselves by coming on in the 58th for Leao and scoring the winner in the 71st. 1-0 Milan. In addition to Castillejo being robbed of his goal, Hernandez hit the crossbar in the 86th. So it is not as if the win wasn’t deserved. Even if Brescia had slightly more possession and were more clinical on target, they were up against an invincible Gigio Donnarumma.

Rebic the difference maker for the second game straight

Not even the other other Donnarumma, Alfredo, could make a difference for a Balotelli-less Brescia, having come on in the 78th, Corini seemed to hope that bringing on a Donnarumma in attack would neutralize the goalkeeper Donnarumma, but his gamble failed, and his team were left empty-handed.

But Brescia were not robbed, even if you were to be critical of Valeri’s calls, Milan fought for the three points and had the quality and mentality to make the difference. That’s right, I said had the quality and mentality to make the difference. Granted, Brescia are nearly bottom of the table, but with three straight league wins and four straight in all competition, there is finally hope at the end of the tunnel.

Fierce, even if he didn't get on the score sheet

That hope tonight was swift, but it did not go to the Le Rondinelle. Milan won this of their own accord. While they need to do better, especially against better sides, they won a fierce battle from a relegation-zone team who were playing at home. Again, that is a game they would have lost every time in the last year. Maybe Shakespeare was right about hope and the swallow’s wings, but this game was won at the expense of swallow’s wings.

This post inspired by the music of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”

Our next match is
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Milan vs. Torino
Tuesday, January 28 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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