Milan-Lazio Preview: Dead Men Tell No Tales

After Milan showed very little signs of life against SPAL on Thursday, it seems obvious that Lazio will finish them off tomorrow, and probably quickly, too. While fans impatiently wait for the much needed resurrection under Pioli, Lazio are flying high, in fifth place and undefeated in six Serie A matches. So unless Pioli found a magic wand since Thursday, Milan are likely to be made to walk the plank tomorrow. Because Lazio know that dead men tell no tales.

We need Suso more than we know

Simone Inzaghi replaced Pioli at Lazio a little over three years ago, and despite some bumpy times, he has done quite well for the Aquile. Although they only finished eighth in Serie A last season, they won the Coppa Italia, thereby guaranteeing themselves a Europa League Group Stage berth. So far the most they’ve managed to accomplish in the Europa League is to be punished by UEFA for their racist fans. But in Serie A, they sit an enviable fifth place.

The other Inzaghi has been getting results out of his team, most recently with a 4-0 rout of Torino in Rome on Wednesday. For that match, Inzaghi lined up: Strakosha; Patric, Acerbi, Radu; Marusic, Milinkovic-Savic, Cataldi, Alberto, Lulic; Immobile, Caicedo. If you haven’t seen former Milan player, Acerbi, with his incredible goal from distance in that match, you are missing out. Speaking of missing out, Inzaghi has one player in doubt for tomorrow, one of his goalkeepers, Silvio Proto. So basically, a full squad, with one more day of rest in them.

Angry bird

Pioli needs more than magic for this next month. After the Eagles have their way with us tomorrow, we face Juventus next week, and Napoli just after the international break. So Lazio would be doing us a favor to just kill us off.

Pioli will be missing Rodriguez and Musacchio to injury. With Hernandez playing so brilliantly, no one will miss Rodriguez, and with Duarte so far really impressing, we might get away without Musacchio for a game. In fact, both of those guys are lucky to not have to play in this match, with the odds stacked so highly against us.

Can he find some magic?

This one is not likely to be pretty to watch. Even having re-established Milan’s Suso-dependency in the most awful of ways on Thursday, Milan looked like dead men walking against SPAL. Coming up against an in-form Lazio is going to be a whole different nightmare. We all know that Lazio take no prisoners, and they know that dead men tell no tales.

This post inspired by Flogging Molly’s “Seven Deadly Sins”

Serie A Week 11
Milan vs. Lazio
Sunday, November 3 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)
This match can be streamed LIVE on ESPN+

North American Milan fans remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight
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