Milan 3, Cagliari 0: Got Milk?

Ahead of this match, the Cagliari team were trapped in their training grounds by local farmers who were protesting milk prices. The only way they were able to escape was to show solidarity with the farmers’ cause by being filmed knocking over cans of milk. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen to other teams in any major European league, but this is Serie A, after all. And after nearly missing their flight to Milano, it didn’t help that they had to face a team with confidence and sparkly new players. But hey, no crying over spilt milk, right?

Our heroes

The match started out with both teams finding their feet, but it was a joint effort for the first goal. Just 13 minutes in, Suso sent in a great shot that Cragno managed to parry out, only for his own defender, Ceppitelli, to put it in the back of the net for an own goal. 1-0 Milan. As own goals will, that one visibly deflated Cagliari, but they were still in the game.

That all changed in the 22nd minute, when Calabria’s perfect cross found Paqueta, who scored his first Milan goal. 2-0 Milan. Not only did he score his first goal in front of 45,000 of the Milan faithful at the San Siro, but he emotionally dedicated his goal to the young Flamengo players who tragically lost their lives this past week. Also emotional were Maran and the Cagliari players, who seemed to realize that milk was not the only thing that was wasted by them.

An emotional celebration and tribute to his fallen brothers

The second half got exciting, though, as Joao Pedro, not having received the memo that his team were losing, forced Gigio into an amazing save, the rebound of which was inexplicably saved by the crossbar. Piatek decided enough was enough, and two minutes later, he scored to make it 3-0 Milan. His trademark celebration was accompanied by delirious fans, who were fine with destroying the hopes and dreams of gli Isolani.

Gattuso gave Cutrone and Conti some serious minutes to show what they could do, and the topped it off in the 77th with the masterclass sub of Borini on for Calhanoglu. The latter seems obsessed with getting his first Serie A goal this season, but he’s been so unlucky. He’s probably had the most shots of anyone in the last three or four games, but they are always saved or go just wide. Which is why, of course, Borini was called into action. That man just likes to shoot, no matter where the goal is.


I think the most impressive thing about this match, other than the confident and convincing win, of course, was how the players were so cohesive and played like a team. There was one moment in the 80th, when Suso, of all people, went for glory instead of an assist, and missed an open net. But I doubt he’ll be trying that again. It was a giant love fest during the game, after the game, and even on social media, with players supporting each other. If that magic spell can stay, then Milan have a great chance of meeting their goal of returning to Champions League next season.

Speaking of Champions League, Milan took back their fourth spot with this win. There are three teams who are only one point behind us, and they had all won their matches before we played. Yet Milan miraculously survived the pressure and convinced everyone with their performance. I’m sure it helped that they weren’t forced into kicking milk cans over just to get to the game. But I like to believe that this team would do whatever it takes at this point to break the abusive cycles fans have been suffering for so long. It just goes to show what a team can accomplish when they're not forced to spill their milk.

This post inspired by the music of Imagine Dragons “Whatever It Takes”

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