Podcast: Montella Time

A new coach is the start of a new era. How long that era will last largely depends on how much power Berlusconi is given, if the rumors of the club’s impending sale are true. But for now, it’s a new coach, a new season, and a new mercato. Nothing says new like revamping your website and club channel, too. But will Milan’s past come back to haunt them? Or will we finally change for the good? This week the spotlight is on one man, the one they call l’Aeroplanino, to see if he can get us back to winning ways.

"What have I done?"

Speaking of winning ways, my guest this time was the legend himself, Vinny of @RedCardWeekly. You may also know him as one of the admins of the Milan Club Montreal. We discussed all things Montella plus:

• News of the Week: The Honorable Honda, new look to Milan media, expired contracts, update on the sale of the club

• Mercato News: Exits and new player

• International News: Players representing their national teams

• New Coach: looking at Montella

Thanks again to Vinny for the great convo. Follow @RedCardWeekly for the very occasional tweet, and follow @ACMClubMTL because it’s the best Milan club in the world.

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