Hope and Alcohol

With all of the tumult and fans almost unanimously agreeing that selling the club is the only thing that will bring change to Milan, we are clinging to the hope that comes from news reports that a sale is imminent. Putting our faith in the great unknown, and having been relentlessly abused by current ownership, there is a belief that anything could be better than this. Which may not be true, but at least we have hope. And as so many Milan fans have discovered, when hope fails, there is always alcohol. This is what it has come to: hope and alcohol.

Champagne football... even in the good times, Milan and alcohol were intertwined

As fans, we all want to always believe in our team. But for the past four years, choices management have made have made our dreams for Milan less and less realistic. Like a patient with cancer who is fighting and wants to live, the cancer at Milan has given us very little hope of survival. That cancer reached final stages when Berlusconi sacked Mihajlovic with only six games and the Coppa Final left to play. Anyone who did not believe the “you only have a few weeks to live” prognosis that this decision prompted definitely believes now after three malignant performances. Each match was more malignant than the previous one, both in terms of performance and result.

With a deal reportedly in the works to sell Milan to a consortium of Chinese investors, there is some hope. Although with the Mr. Bee deal having dragged on over time never coming to fruition, there is not a lot of hope. But with this last master stroke of Berlusconi showing the world truly what a circus Milan has become, there certainly is hope that he may finally let go of a majority of the club. Well that and having hit his 30 year mark. Perhaps 30 is a nice round number that he can notch into his trophy room. Then maybe he’ll finally allow this Milan to rebuild.

It's actually best to drink heavily before the games, in hopes you pass out and don't have to watch

Until there is more hope, I hear alcohol does wonders to deal with Milan levels of pain. There is not even a drinking game required. Just drink around the clock. If you feel Milan related pain, drink more. Your liver is a small price to pay for surviving this debacle. And one byproduct of drinking so much is that it allows you to hope again.

This may or may not be the end of the ridiculous amounts of douchebaggery and indescribable pain that Milan fans have suffered at the hands of this management. But even without any concrete news of a change, at least there is hope. And when all hope seems lost, there is alcohol. So there is a way for us as Milan fans to survive, to keep some belief alive, and to be true to the club we all love so much. We just need a little hope and perhaps a lot of alcohol.

This post inspired by the music of the Hollowood Vampires’ “My Dead Drunk Friends”

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