Lazio 1, Milan 1: Nothing to See Here

We got the point. We went to Rome and came out alive. The rumors surrounding Seedorf can apparently be put to rest, despite not a fantastic performance. De Sciglio may be injured, in fact, several players may have picked up knocks. Poli will be missing for Fiorentina because of yellow card accumulation. Kaka scored a goal off of Konko’s face. But other than that, there was really nothing to see here.

"In your face!"

My typical review format suggests that I need to expound on the above, so I’ll humor you a little. Lazio were thugs. That’s not news. But at one point, we had Essien, Muntari, and De Jong on the pitch at one time, and if that’s not a death squad, I don’t know what is. Only it was De Sciglio who was badly fouled by Lulic in the 80th who didn’t play to the end. He was replaced by Bonera – the evil cousin Daniele, not Big Game Bonera™. Or at least I think that’s who it was, my stream situation didn’t go so well this time.

In attack, Pazzini started over Balotelli, but Balotelli came on for Honda in the 53rd. However, after Lazio was disallowed a goal in the 41st for offside (although that might not have been a good call… I don’t know, because my stream stopped more than it started for much of the match.) Shortly after that, Kaka scored a goal off of Konko’s face, for which Konko was given credit for the own goal. That had to hurt. 1-0 Milan. It’s not as though Milan didn’t take any shots, they did take 10. It’s just that they had zero on target. Yup, nothing to see here.

Mexes, 1 of 3 French defenders tonight, gives a little love to Kaka.

Milan’s yellow card tally started with Essien, who fouled Biglia in the 58th like only Essien can. But then Poli was booked in the 70th, which gave him a seat in the stands for Fiorentina on Wednesday and cut down Seedorf’s choices for the starting lineup. It also inspired Seedorf to pull him off for Muntari, as if to tell the ref “You think that was a foul? Let me bring a guy on who knows how to foul.” Or at least that’s what I would like to believe he was thinking, because Poli was great on the night, and I can’t imagine another reason to pull him off.

We played with a bit more fight, but not as much skill. Or at least that’s what I gathered in between the stutterings of my many, many streams. We were lucky for the most part with the ref calls, especially Essien, who could have easily been sent off in the 85th for a second yellow. But unlike a crime scene or a car accident where the authorities tell you “There’s nothing to see here,” this time, there really wasn’t much to see at all.

Curva Sud show thier support to the players, as if to taunt the almost empty Stadio Olimpico

We got a lucky draw, some of the players played okay, others not so much. Here’s hoping De Sciglio is okay, and hoping that Poli will at least get some rest midweek. With Seedorf changing another 6 from the starting lineup at Parma, it’s amazing they even know each other’s names. His squad rotation is starting to be more like an oil change, only it’s not exactly helping the engine. And still, we earned a point. Be grateful, pray for the Fiorentina match, and dream once more of the Milan of yesteryear. Because just like my streams tonight, there was nothing to see here.

This post inspired by the music of The Prodigy

Our next match is
Fiorentina vs. Milan
Wednesday, March 26 • 20:45 CET (3:45 EDT)

Lazio 1, Milan 1: Nothing to See Here Lazio 1, Milan 1: Nothing to See Here Reviewed by Elaine on 6:37 PM Rating: 5
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