Those Other Games

Now that Milan’s Scudetto winning season is over, for most of us, the celebrations still continue (all within the legal limit if we are driving, I swear!) But for those who have sobered up and still want some football, there are a couple of little matches happening this weekend.

Champions League Final
Barcelona v. Manchester United
Saturday, May 28 @ 20:45
Wembley Stadium, London

Both teams are vying for their 4th Champions League title, so who will win?
Will it be the time-proven Sir Alex or the young but successful Pep Guardiola?
The physical, attacking English style of play or the dynamic, fluid Spanish style?
Rooney or Messi?

You know these teams. What do you think?

Coppa Italia Final
Inter v. Palermo
Sunday, May 29 @ 20:45
Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Who will take home the trophy: will Inter repeat or will Palermo win their first?
One team gained our respect this season, the other are our hated rivals.
One team played coach merry-go-round, the other coach is a little too familiar.
Will evil prevail or will the underdog win?

You know these teams. What do you think?

Anyone who posts the correct score for either game before the fact, I will like your comment. If you get both of them right, I will post a smiley below your comment. I know, I know how can a little blog like this afford such extravagant prizes? Don’t you worry, we do it for you, the readers, regardless of our sacrifice.

Now go… make predictions, discuss, or go back to celebrating. (I will probably mostly be doing the latter.)

Oh, and I think I found another couple of those ridiculously large bottles of champagne from the Scudetto celebrations. Whether or not you watch those “other” games, feel fee to join me for champagne showers as long as the bubbly lasts.

This post was inspired by the musical stylings of Queen’s “We Are the Champions”,
which just doesn’t ever get old if your team have just won a major trophy.

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