Still Celebrating the Insanity

Because we are still too busy celebrating the epic win from the weekend, we thought we'd help you celebrate, too, with some photos and a video highlighting the insane emotions we all had on Saturday night.

The Legendary Curva Sud

First up, a video clip from an Italian show called "Direttastadio" in which they gather a panel of sportscasters/analysts who support each team. They watch the game in studio together and comment live, and we get to hear what they say and watch their reactions.

This derby was so spectacular that you don't even need to know any Italian to be able to tell what is going on in this video. Watch and enjoy Tiziano Crudelli as he gets swept up in derby fever! (And enjoy the reactions of the Inter fans, too!)

€20.000 Banners

The Ultras had an easy target in Leonardo. Not only was this a "welcome home" for him, but he also shares the name of a famous artist and the loyalty of a certain biblical character. The club is now being fined for the banners and also the fans' use of laser pointers. Personally, I would pay the fine for the banners out of my own pocket, they were fabulous....

"Judas Interista" combined Leonardo da Vinci's famous work, "The Last Supper," with the traitorous biblical character of Judas, who betrayed Jesus.

To go along with the Judas theme, these banners translate to:

"From the Founders to the Coach..."
"For 30 pieces, love at first sight"

(The biblical reference here is the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was given to betray Jesus.)

This one is a play on words. "Da vinci" is to win, "da perde" is to lose. So, "Leonardo to win (in reference to Leonardo Da Vinci) and Leonardo to lose (our favorite Leonardo.)"

Okay, just a few things to keep that smile plastered on your face for a day or two until we can slow down the celebrations long enough to get a real post up. Enjoy!

Forza Milan!!
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