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Let’s face it, not everyone can perform on the big stage. And although Milan’s cast this year includes fewer stars, our schedule still demands important performances from both the stars and the supporting cast. So I thought I would find out which of our new players will live up to his expectations, and also which players might not. Take the polls and tell us what you think!

Wearing the #13? No pressure at all...

Here are our newest cast members:

Riccardo Montolivo: Thought by many to be last year’s Mr. X, he has often been called a “poor man’s Pirlo.” His inconsistent performances at Fiorentina are worrisome, but his performances with the national team at Euros this year raise the expectations to a whole new level.

Bakaye Traoré: One of the lesser known new players, he has no Serie A experience whatsoever. A defensive midfielder who has probably had a conversation with Ambrosini about who plays in front of the defense, he has said he wants to be a versatile midfielder. But will he sink or swim in a new league?

Kevin Constant: Moving from Ligue 1 to Chievo just 2 years ago, his year with the Flying Donkeys was quite impressive. However his time at Genoa last year was much less so. Were his talents simply misused last season? Or will Milan bring out the best in him? This Muntari replacement loan deal could go either way.

Francesco Acerbi: He’s a Milanista, but will the pressure of performing at his dream club make him choke? With most of his career spent in Serie B, it’s hard to know what to expect from him on the big stage. Although his increasing confidence over the course of the friendlies gives one the impression he’ll put in a star performance.

Gabriel: The very young Brazilian keeper doesn’t have a lot to prove, given that he’ll be on the bench behind two of the most capable keepers in the league. But he was given a chance to audition for the big stage at the Olympics with Brazil, and his performances were both fabulous and frightening. So if he plays at Milan, what will we see?

Cristian Zapata: With his time at Udinese filled with stellar performances, he only has this past season at Villareal, played out of position, to make us question whether or not he will be able to dazzle on the big stage. Coming “home” to Serie A and being surrounded by mostly supporting cast members in the defense, he could really shine.

This post inspired by the music of Les Miserables

Our next match is the Trofeo Berlusconi
Milan vs. Juventus
Sunday, August 19 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
Stadio San Siro, Milano
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