Milan vs. Sampdoria: Game On!

Milan vs. Sampdoria
Sunday, August 26th • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)
This match will be shown only on RAI and BeIN Sport in the U.S.
Links for streams will be posted in the comments 2 hours before the match

Rules for the Milan Obsession
Drinking Game for 2012-13

Choose your beverage. (can be non-alcoholic for underage or non-drinkers)

Choose your glass. If you get easily upset, maybe the bigger the better.

Take one drink when:
• Pazzini scores
• De Sciglio or Carmona start
• Bonera makes a nice tackle/stop
• Antonini does anything well
• We have 3 or fewer players out injured

Take two drinks when:
• We concede a goal
• Anyone Robinhoes™ the ball
• Allegri hasn’t subbed by the 70th minute
• We concede a penalty
• Someone has to be subbed off for injury

The theory is that if the match is going well, you will drink enough to
remember, if it’s not, you will drink enough to forget.

Note: As a Milan fan this year, you may start drinking whenever you like, and continue as long as you like. If you are unsure if you are supposed to drink, take a drink. You may also drink for no apparent reason.


*Jack Daniel’s is not the official sponsor of this drinking game, but if we all do our part, we will technically become shareholders in Jack Daniel’s.

Thanks to P3trarch for the inspiration for this game post

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