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Summer mercati always make people crazy. But this summer has got to take the cake. Between the mass exodus of the Senatori and the theft of Ibra and Thiago, speculation ranges from the practical and cost effective to the ridiculous and overpriced. With the match between Milan and CD Olimpia finished, and the team travelling to New York tomorrow to face Real Madrid on Wednesday, I thought we could take a day off and join the ranks of Fantacalcio.

The mercato makes people do crazy things, like Inler wearing the lion head at his unveiling

The situation: You were having dinner with Berlusconi and Galliani as part of some contest you won. Galliani gets a call and has a family emergency and has to leave. He tells Berlusconi he is going to have to take a sudden leave of absence and is not sure when he will return.

Berlusconi, who has already demolished at least 2 bottles of wine on his own starts talking business with you. As the wine keeps flowing, he turns to you, looks intently into your face and asks you for a favor. He tells you he is impressed with your knowledge of the mercato and asks if you will fill in for Galliani until he returns. He has decided to spend €50m of the transfer fees from Zlatan and Thiago, so that will be your budget. You are to meet with Braida and Allegri, identify targets, and then plan the rest of the purchases for this mercato.

A tipsy  Berlusconi makes your dream come true

Remember: your Milan transfer targets value must not exceed €50m total based on current estimated values, you cannot count on making Galliani-esque deals. You can buy one player or as many as you can, your only limit is the €50m. The other stipulation is that you may not transfer anyone else out.

So go, spend… reinforce or buy your favorite player(s). Tell us your Milan player choices, their transfer values, positions and if you’d like, why you chose them. You can “vote” for your favorite mercato choices by clicking the “like” button on the one(s) you like. Feel free to make more than one manic mercato choice, too. Whomever has the most likes at the end of the day will be Milan Obsession’s Honorary DS for a day.

Do your worst. Or your best. Or whatever. Show us what kind of dreams you have that €50m would buy for Milan this year.

This post inspired by the music of The GoGos

Our next friendly is
AC Milan vs. Real Madrid
Wednesday, August 8th • 8:00 pm EDT
Yankee Stadium, New York, NY, U.S.A.

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