The Men of Milan

Okay, I will never understand some guys, but recently in the comments, someone suggested that all of our guys should look like adult film stars circa 1970. Yes, it was a guy who suggested this. So while I would like to point out that I absolutely disagree with this premise, I also want to be fair and give time and space to everyone. So here to fulfill your wildest dreams, guys, I present the Men of Milan… (Sorry, girls.)

 Riccardo “Soft Touch” Montolivo

Philippe “Mad Dog” Mexes

Luca “Butterfinger” Antonini

Marco “Big Hands” Amelia

Alexandre “Speedy” Pato

Kevin Prince “Big Bang” Boateng

Mathieu “French Dip” Flamini

Zlatan “Zlatan” Ibrahimovic

Okay, that was creepy. What have we learned from this? Be careful what is said in the comments, because I do read them and I just may take you seriously. And men have really bizarre (and sometimes creepy) taste.

This post inspired by fsun

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