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Since the return of football after the break due to COVID in 2020, Milan have consistently remained in the top three in Serie A, usually in first or second place. For over two years now. They returned to the Champions League after a seven year absence, and then this past season did a little something called winning the freaking Scudetto. Still, no one gives the team any respect, and everyone thinks that Inter and Juve and maybe even Roma are favored to win this season ahead of Milan. Why, I have no idea. I mean, that's what they said last year, too. Look how that worked out. That's why I'm betting on Milan.

A sure bet.

We are going into Pioli's fourth season as Milan manager, and the mentality in the team has never been stronger. Unlike the other "favorites" for the Scudetto, Milan were incredibly consistent in the preseason, scoring a lot of goals from a lot of different players. The same consistency that determined the Scudetto race last year.  Yet Pioli continues to surprise those unfamiliar with his work, on and off the pitch. 

A stunning young talent ready to explode in Serie A

I guess people look at big name transfers and get big ideas in their heads, but bringing in new players takes time to adjust and build a team. Meanwhile, while Milan devastatingly lost the great Samu Castillejo (and also Kessié and Romagnoli,) we upgraded to the amazing Adli, renewed the solid Milan youth talent Pobega, and the breathtakingly talented De Ketelaere, all of whom have slotted right into Pioli's system. Plus, there is the champion Divock Origi, whom we haven't even seen play yet in a Milan jersey (bonus signing!)

We have Kjaer back from injury, and he looks ready to win again, almost scoring already on his return from injury. True that Ibrahimović is out until January, but he missed more than half of last year's matches anyway, and we still won. Plus, he is a guarantee for us to come back with a vengeance mentality after the break to storm through Serie A again and maybe flip a table or two come June.

We haven't even begun to see what Milan can unleash this year

People look at a returning player like Lukaku, who, along with Lautaro Martinez, lost to the seventh place Ligue 1 side in the preseason, and I guess they think they are somehow winners? I don't get it. Inter don't even have money from their shirt sponsors, probably can't pay their players again this season, who knows if their players will even still be here after January?

Last season, Milan had everything stacked against them. One of the youngest teams in Italy (and even in Europe.) The most injuries. The most points lost to egregious referee errors (despite what Mourinho says.) We had the fifth highest wage bill in the league, and we still beat everyone ahead of us. Why would anyone just write us off after that miracle?

The oddsmakers seem to have overlooked the obvious

All I know is that Milan have been building this project with Maldini for the past few years, and Pioli has kept his family together, even with departures, while managing to do something that no one expected him to be able to do. Not even his mother. Why are people still looking at teams on paper when the Scudetto last year was clearly won with mentality, hard work, grinta, and heart? Milan are still miles ahead of every single other Serie A team in this regard, and that is why once again, I am betting on Milan.

This post inspired by the music of Queen's "We Are the Champions"

Our next match is 
Serie A Week 1
Milan vs. Udinese
Saturday, August 13 • 18:30 CEST (12:30pm EDT)

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