Derby Week

People say that the Derby della Madonnina is unlike any other because it is a family affair. Those people have not met me. I do not just forgive or forget the years of douchebaggery that Inter has plagued the city of Milano with. For me, this week always makes my blood boil, and I always want the win, no matter how unrealistic that is. Because it’s Derby week.

The greatest single Derby moment ever

I always want to write about my hatred ahead of the Derby, but then I get really worked up too early and I am less happy in real life. So I’ve compiled a top ten list of posts ahead of this Derby. The list includes some history, some Schadenfreude, a glorious win, and a painful loss, as well as plenty of other pre-Derby reading.

A brief history of the two clubs, at least from the point of view of rivalry, written in 2015.

A detailed and documented post about Calciopoli, specifically Inter’s role in it, from 2014.

They say nice guys finish last, but these guys aren't nice

Recorded last September, a verbal account of Inter’s part in Calciopoli and also racism.

As if Inter fans were not racist enough, they and their players are also sexist, as chronicled in this one from last year.

From 2016, a commentary on the lesser half of Milano.

"Schadenfreude" by Sofia

Written in 2016, a Schadenfreude-filled commentary on Inter’s fortunes at the time.

A recap of Mihajlovic’s epic 2016 Derby win.

A brief pictorial history of iconic Derby matchups and those who were both snakes and heroes from 2019.

Worshipping in the temple of the Devil

A recap of the Derby match I was able to attend in person in 2012.

From 2018, a commentary on the treatment that Inter and Milan received from UEFA in their FFP violations.

It’s not enough that the team with the paper Scudetto should hire the coach convicted of match-fixing. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all. Or the team that got off with a slap on the wrist for FFP violations would spend €12 million a year on the fake-haired coach’s salary, as well as a ridiculous amount of money in the transfer markets. They get away with everything, and their fans still cry like babies. Whatever.

So pathetic

Just remember that to call them m**da is an insult to the actual m**da. Scum-sucking moral-less blights on humanity, sure. But let’s be kind to the m**da this week.

Forza Milan!

This post inspired by the music of the Circle Jerks’ “Live Fast Die Young”

Our next match is
Serie A Week23
Il Derby della Madonnina
Inter vs. AC Milan
Sunday, February 9 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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