Just Another Milan Monday

If the media were clever enough to count, I believe they would be making predictions for the scores of every single Serie A game next season. Oh, wait, that’s the betting sites. But it certainly doesn’t stop them from predicting what our new coach will wear and who his driver will be, even though we don’t actually have a new coach. Or even a sporting director. Milan are once again trapped in stasis until so many things click into place. So while the rumors are entertaining (read: ridiculous) to read, it’s really just another Milan Monday.

The future is bright, but it's still the future

While Maldini has confirmed he would like to take the job offered him by Milan, we currently don’t have a director of football or sporting director. He has not officially been hired. Boban has also been heavily linked, and I believe has confirmed his interest as well, however he has that pesky little FIFA job he’s got to wriggle free of, and is also not an employee of Milan right now. Then there is everyone else linked with director positions, from other club’s sporting directors to random Milan legends. But none of it is real, at least not yet. And it could take some time to put everything in place.

Likewise, we have no coach. While Giampaolo is widely linked to Milan and there does seem to have been contact, as of this writing, his contract with Sampdoria has yet to be terminated. Oh, and we have no sporting director. So whether he is the one Milan choose or not, do not expect any official announcements until first, he is out of contract with his current club, and secondly, Milan have a sporting director in place to hire him. (I’ll wait here while you delete all of your posts about his tactics and lineups for next season so as not to make a fool of yourself.)

Still in a committed relationship

I am just going to remind you right here that Mino Raiola is suspended. So is his brother, actually. Sure, he is appealing his case to the CAS, but “news” about moves for his clients right now (including a certain Milan goalkeeper) is completely fabricated. Considering Milan also do not have a sporting director right now, you people have to be just a little smarter about interpreting the nonsense that is being spewed by media outlets right now. Also consider that if Leonardo is also not PSG’s sporting director (I believe they still have one anyway,) you might want to take such rumors and toss them in the garbage where they belong. Or at least save them for when the infrastructure is in place to make them remotely plausible.

Milan finances are also the source of speculation right now. We don’t have a final FFP verdict for the 2014-17 years. UEFA have refused to give us a ruling on the 2017-18 year until that is resolved. So while their clock is ticking for us to comply with discipline that has been overturned or potentially will be overturned, Milan have no idea whether we will even be playing in the Europa League this fall.

My big fat suspended agent

Additionally, as the close of the fiscal year approaches, people are going so far as to predict Milan’s potential losses for this year, despite the fact that there is much that can be done in the next few weeks to change those numbers quite drastically. That feeds into even more rumors of player sales (at least one of whom has a suspended agent, and all of whom do not have a current sporting director, of course.) And thus you see that the news cycle is a giant circle of speculation and untruths, further made unrealistic by the waiting game we are playing again with UEFA.

It is not unusual for the media to do this at this time of the year, it is what they do best all year long. But keeping in mind the facts, such as having no sporting director, etc. it is really not hard to see through the clickbait and maybe consider spending your time more wisely, such as going outdoors or watching old Milan videos or something tangible. Because Milan are in another UEFA-induced waiting game, while also waiting to change management and personnel once again. Despite all of the rumors, nothing is official and everything the media tells you could actually change drastically at any point. Don’t believe anything until it’s official, and try to use a little common sense before you believe the rumors. It’s just another Milan Monday.

This post inspired by the music of the Bangles’ “Manic Monday”

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