Every summer, there are uncertainties. Like which players will leave and which players will come? There are tons of people who thrive on these questions, similar to a bunch of preteen girls. But UEFA’s announcement this week that Milan were being referred to their disciplinary committee for FFP violations has opened up a whole new level of uncertainties for this summer. Not only does it place questions on players we were pretty certain would stay, it places questions on whether or not we’ll be playing in Europa League and validates questions  that many have asked about Yonghong Li’s ability to pay his debts and keep the club under this ownership. So many questions, so many questions we thought were answered with the sale of the club. Yet here we sit again amidst a sea of uncertainties.

Last summer seemed so certain, and yet here we are...

Most of the uncertainties breathe new life once devoured by the media and social media. Despite Donnarumma giving every indication he will stay, social media has him going to multiple different clubs. The most recent hilarity was that after rumors had linked him with Liverpool and Karius made two big errors in the Champions League final, social media linked Donnarumma with a move to Liverpool based on that. As if Liverpool would want to spend €70m for a younger keeper who makes more mistakes. That’s hilarious, social media. You should go into comedy.

So many other uncertainties, players linked with an exit from Milan, undesirable players linked with Milan. And honestly, no one can say for certain what will happen. Even after UEFA’s surprise announcement the other day, Fassone said Milan would only buy 2 or 3 players. But how many players will leave? Especially with all of the uncertainty about finances. I mean it’s one thing if clickbait journalists have spun stories about Yonghong Li and his funding sources. But when UEFA do the unprecedented, it definitely damages the image of the club and raises more than doubts about the solvency of Milan’s ownership.

This man holds so much power over our hearts

There are those who follow the wind and believed blindly… in Berlusconi, in Mr. Bee, in SinoEurope Sports, and now in Yonghong Li. Do they now put their trust in the Elliott Fund? Or some future new owner? Which players can we trust to stay amidst the turmoil and help continue Milan’s rebuilding? Despite waiting eleven excruciating months for the sale of the club to close, that after over a year of being courted by Mr Bee, and before that being abused by Berlusconi, we’re still here. As Milan fans, we are the certainty amidst so much uncertainty. And no matter what UEFA’s ruling is, no matter whether or not Mr. Li gets the Elliott Fund debt refinanced in time, no matter which players leave, we always have the Milan colors, the crest to cling to, in good times and in bad. So despite so many questions that no one has the answer to right now, we are the rock in the sea of uncertainties.

This post inspired by the music of The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

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