Milan 5, Fiorentina 1: Happy Ending

This post may turn up in searches for non-football related activities, and for that I apologize. But I couldn’t think of a better title for it after such a roller coaster season. We bought 12 new players, downgraded our coach, played weird formations, had problems scoring goals, and so much more. But today, we are all smiles. And after all, who doesn’t like a happy ending?

Almost as good as a fairy tale

Some wins are obviously due to Milan playing well. Others are more because the other team played poorly. This match was kind of a combination of both of those reasons, though. Fiorentina certainly didn’t play their best, and were also physically brutalized by Milan players. In fact, Pioli had to use all three subs by the beginning of the second half. Such terrible luck for a team who suffered too much already this season.

Milan attacked quickly and often, but it was the ex-Interista’s son, Simeone, who scored in the 20th with a beautiful pass from Chiesa. 1-0 Fiorentina. However, Milan did not wait long to answer, as Calhanoglu scored just three minutes later from a beautiful free kick. 1-1 all. Sadly, poor Hugo had been a doubt in the first place, and in the 28th, he was subbed off, as he couldn’t continue.

Our dynamic duo on the night

After earning himself a yellow in the 34th for diving, Calhanoglu wrong way-ed his defender in the 41st then sent a beautiful ball in for Cutrone, who scored with a diving header. 2-1 Milan. The scoring wasn’t all that was affecting this Fiorentina squad, though. In the 26th, Kessie introduced his foot to Sportiello’s face as he attacked, and he got a very deserved yellow card for his efforts, too. Nothing makes me more nauseated than seeing a keeper in those kinds of situations. Sportiello received treatment, but was subbed off for the second half. Likewise, Pezzella, who had received an elbow to the face from Kalinic in the 32nd (but no card for Kalinic,) was also subbed off at the half. After quite a few Milan fouls, I get the feeling Pioli could have used a few extra subs.

He found the right net this time, too

The Milan rout continued in the 49th when Cutrone headed a ball in, Dragowski stopped it but could not hold onto it, and Kalinic was there to poach the rebound. 3-1 Milan. Then in the 59th, Kalinic sent a beautiful backheel to Calhanoglu, who sent it in for Cutrone, and this time he made no mistake. 4-1 Milan, and a brace for Cutrone. It looked like Simeone was injured around the 64th, but as there were no more subs, so he continued. In the 66th, Cutrone, looking for a hat trick, sent the ball into the back of the net again, but it was called off for offside.

Silva came on for Cutrone in the 70th to get a bit of time, but it was Bonaventura who finished off the massacre. In the 76th, with a solid run in, he sent the ball beneath the young Dragowski to make it 5- 1. I really do feel for Fiorentina. But I also wonder where all of these goals came from? I mean, I’m thrilled that they made no mistake and got the win when we needed it, but why couldn’t they connect like that and score the rest of the season?

Number 5 scored the 5th... you can't make this stuff up

Direct qualification to the Europa League was on the line, shortening our season by a whole month. Additionally, to be able to fulfill our commitment to attend the ICC tournament (read: bags of cash,) this win was important on every level. For me specifically, the tickets I have for my kids and I to watch Milan play at the Rose Bowl here in Los Angeles in July were certainly important. For all of those reasons and more, I was thrilled with the performance, the goal fest, and the hunger with which they played in this final match of the season. After all, every story is better with a happy ending.

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