Podcast: M is for Masochism

If you thought there wasn’t a lot going on at Milan, think again. Or I guess I should say that if you thought things were bad at Milan, think again. They can always get worse. Especially with the season over, the only entertainment is Berlusconi’s concept of a joke. And it’s more criminal than entertaining. With so much at stake but so little actually happening, many are questioning their fanship, and with good reason. For those of us who are still loyal to the club, we realize that the M in Milan is for masochism.

M is for Milan, Montolivo, and Masochism

Longsuffering fans are getting harder to find, but when you find them, you know they are the best of fans. For this podcast, I found one of the best, Gio from Rossoneri TV. You can follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and his YouTube channel, rossoneritv.com is a must subscribe and watch. Also help him rebuild the official Milan Club Montreal by following @ACMClubMTL. Sifting through the good and the bad post season, we talked about:

• News of the Week: Cesare Maldini honored, Abbiati disappointed, new team for Mihajlovic, Oddo back in Serie A?, Champions League gap widens, FIFA better watch out, 3 more years of #TEKITANKA, party at Casa Milan

• Mercato News: extensions and new signing

• International News: players representing their national teams

• Gigio Donnarumma: serious fangirling

• Milan’s Future: what’s at stake and what’s been said

Thanks again to Gio for commiserating with me and discussing all things Milan. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel rossoneritv.com. Also help him rebuild the official Milan Club Montreal by following @ACMClubMTL, the one club that you can be sure is properly rebuilding.

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