Podcast: Cardinale's Milan: Nothing Is Defined

With a tumultuous June, Milan dove head first into July and the transfer window. To share his Milan Origin Story and help me recap everything that is happening at the Club, I invited fellow Los Angeles fan, Nolan for this podcast. We talked about the sporting sector, the players who left, the players who returned from loan, the new signings, and tried to define what is going on and where Milan is heading.

Furlani, Moncada, and D'Ottavio, 3/4 of the undefined "Working Group"

On this Episode: 

• Milan Origin Story
• Transfers
• Sporting Sector
• Contracts Up
• Players Back from Loan
• Player Sold
• New Players Signed
• #Cardinale Out
• UEFA Ruling on Multiple Club Participation
• Cardinale's Milan
• Milan's Future

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Thank you to fellow Angelino Nolan for sharing his Milan origin story and helping me break down all of the transfers so far and talking about the situation at the club right now. Follow him on Twitter @NolanHack for more West Coast energy.

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