The Importance of Being Ibra

After six weeks of media drama surrounding the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, drama that would have made even Oscar Wilde blush, he has reportedly agreed to terms with Milan, with an official announcement and contract signing still pending as of this writing. This signing is particularly significant after the soul-stealing loss on Sunday to Atalanta. The agreeing to terms shows Ibra’s desire to return to Milan, but it also shows the club’s faith in and the importance of being Ibra.

No one else like him

For one, Ibra is Mino Raiola’s best-known client. Galliani dealt with Raiola before, but he was a convicted criminal, the two were made for each other. Mirabelli was only capable of a very public catfight with Raiola, which he still defends to this day. His horrific lack of decorum cost the club Gigio Donnarumma’s €6 million per year contract, and the signing of Antonio Donnarumma, who is more of an overgrown cheerleader than a capable third goalkeeper. Raiola also infamously represents Bonaventura and now Romagnoli and possibly Suso, too. Ibrahimovic signing with Milan means that Maldini and Boban have met with Raiola and lived to tell about it.

There are not many players in the world who, at age 38, have the power to negotiate a contract with a club like Milan, even this damaged and very much changed Milan. Also, coming from a vastly inferior league like the MLS, only a player like him could be taken seriously for a return to Milan. Particularly as a striker, Ibrahimovic has more than just a successful career. More than just history with the club, having been pushed out heartlessly by Galliani for some money. Ibrahimovic is larger than life. He brings a specific mentality, immense marketability, and possibly some credibility with him.

Coming out of retirement

However, Milan fans who think that signing him is the answer to all of our problems are sorely mistaken. He has the potential to singlehandedly influence mentality, particularly with the goalscoring issues which have plagued the club. But there are no guarantees. His contract is only six months, reportedly extendable to 18 months, and with his age, any injury could end his career, not just his time at Milan.

But Ibra, while being a god to the people of Sweden, and realistically the world, cannot change the fact that for over ten years, this club has been spiraling downward. In terms of ownership, financial issues such as sponsorships, management, coaches, the hundreds of players in and out… the stability that is needed to pull out of this nosedive will not come from signing one striker past his prime. Patience is still needed from Milan fans.

A massive signing in every way

As long as we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s just enjoy the fact that the 6’5” tall Swede has chosen to grace us with his presence once again. Enjoy the goals, the images, the sound bytes, and the overall awesomeness that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is a god, not a savior. Let us worship him while he is here. Hopefully, he will be a very pleasant distraction from the bigger, more ominous issues at the club. Let’s just enjoy the importance of being Ibra.

This post inspired by the music of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”

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