Milan Grinchmas

Things finally seemed to be heading in the right direction for Milan. Until Sunday, when the Grinch team, dressed appropriately in green, stole not only Milan’s Christmas, but all of our souls. With that historic loss, Milan fans lost their minds and abused a 23 year-old for posting about celebrating his birthday, and a 20 year-old for posting a video of an evening out from a previous week. To their own social media accounts. Ouch. Things go from bad to worse, and it feels like a Milan Grinchmas.

Okay, maybe there are some good things about Milan these days

It is difficult to tell what La Befana will bring, after consistently improving, this loss seemed to steal every last bit of mentality from our players. People are looking to the transfer window and putting all of their hopes on new players, or getting rid of players or management they deem poor, when in fact consistency and mentality are what this team needs most, even more than reinforcements.

Although it doesn’t feel at all like Christmas, and to celebrate, you might get abused by entitled Milan fans who have completely lost the plot, all is not lost. We are owned by a corporation that has injected more than €350 million to help stabilize the club, wipe our debt clean, and clear our FFP punishments. We got Maldini back at the club and have a young, talented squad, just like we have asked for all of these years.

You begged for it, you got it

People are going to see what they want to see, and the loss truly was soul-crushing. However, good things are on the horizon for Milan. We may not see them next month, this season, or even in 2020. But we will see them. For once, Milan are taking the right steps to rebuild. It will take patience, but we are seriously so much better off. Maybe the financial and management piece of the club is like the ornaments the Grinch forgot, but this year, I will be grateful for them. They are all we’ve got.

Have a very Merry Christmas, blissfully void of painful Milan for the day

This post inspired by the music of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

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