Raduno 2019

Today is the day. The day that optimism runs the highest amongst fans, possibly to a delusional level. Despite the fact that the mercato has only just begun, all of the players have a clean slate for this season, and this might be the one day per year that most fans will not give players hate. Well, that may be delusionally optimistic, too. But still. With our new management, a new coach, and a couple of shiny new players, it’s time for Raduno 2019.

Shiny new player with our legendary new management

Raduno means “rally,” and it’s kind of like what the first day of school is to nerds. A lot of people are excited to have Maldini and Boban in their new management roles, and I’m sure we’ll see them watching over the first day of training like doting parents. No pressure, players, but maybe it’s good that they know two legends of football are watching them train. I don’t know of a better way to inspire the players to step it up and take us back to the glory days… of Maldini and Boban.

Fans are really excited to see our new coach, Giampaolo, who was presented yesterday from Casa Milan. Despite having never played or coached at Milan’s level, the club have put their faith in him. Statistically, he is a lesser coach than Gattuso. And certainly, his Sampdoria team finished ninth last season versus Milan’s fifth place finish. But people like his ideas and his playing style. I guess the club believe in those ideas, hoping he will be like other coaches with lower table and lower league experience who stepped it up when given better players. Or not. But that doesn't matter today.

Not sure if Giampaolo or Doctor Strange

New players are always exciting to see, and we have a couple of those so far this summer. First to sign was Rade Krunic, a midfielder from Empoli. He was just announced yesterday, and has actually already been training for a few days at Milanello. The other player is Theo Hernandez, a talented (and reportedly fast) left back that we bought from Real Madrid. I'm not sure if he can ever live up to the hype that has preceded his Milan debut, but at least he's young. Obviously, no one can judge a player on their first day of training, but I’m sure Twitter will anyway.

Ready for the big time

Additionally, Giampaolo has called up a few players from the Primavera. While that typically excites fans to see the young talent coming up through the club, there is one name on that list that stands out: Daniel Maldini. And it’s not nepotism that got him the callup, either. He earned his spot with a fantastic season last year for the Primavera. Or maybe it was just the video of him tackling one Clarence Seedorf when he was ten years old, I don’t know. But it will be amazing to see him train with the first team.

At least he doesn't play the same position as his dad... that would be too much

Personally, I think all of the hype is about Bonera. The Legend that is Daniele Bonera makes his triumphant return to Milanello today, this time as an assistant coach. Giampaolo is a gamble, and no one ever knows how new players are going to assimilate. The young players are very young, and highly unlikely to be promoted to the first team. But with Bonera, we have assurances. He won both the Scudetto and the Champions League with Milan, and has defended some of the greatest players in the world, including Ronaldo and Messi. Of all of the improvements the club has made so far this summer, he is the most epic one.

He's ba-aack!

This is just one day. But it is a very important day. It’s the day when fans throw all caution and rationale to the wind and just rally blindly around their team. For those of us who may be a little worried about some of the gambles the club is taking, or about the gap that widened between our club and the top four clubs this past season, our concerns will be drowned out by the hype and delusion that comes from blissful ignorance. None of us have seen how these new pieces fit into our club. For most fans, that means they are beyond perfection. And until the first training begins, that will undoubtedly be how they are seen. So go ahead, take the plunge into fantasy and enjoy the one perfect day of this season: Raduno 2019.

This post inspired by the music of Silversun Pickups’ “It Doesn’t Matter Why”

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