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So much has happened in the last few weeks. Milan chose to give up the Europa League for a season to rectify their FFP violations. Milan got new directors, a new coach, and a couple of new players. Montolivo and others left the club, seriously diminishing our wage bill. Plans for a new stadium were announced. But most importantly, the legend that is Daniele Bonera has returned as an assistant coach. After so many changes, what is your current mood?

What's your mood?

Please take the poll and tell us how you are feeling about Milan right now:

It’s hard to know how the rest of the summer will play out. With transfers in and out and plenty of friendlies to watch, we should have a better idea of what to expect from this upcoming season in the next month or so. Can Milan compete with other clubs who are spending more and have more proven coaches? Will Giampaolo be able to get this team to gel and play in his style quickly, or will it take some time? Which players will be left at the end of the mercato? It’s impossible to know all of that, but for today, let’s just bask in our current mood.

This post inspired by the music of X Ambassadors’ “Boom”

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