A New Stadium?

Yesterday, both Milan and Inter announced that they had filed the official “Technical and Economic Feasibility Study” for a new stadium as well as a surrounding urban district for sports, entertainment and shopping. Both clubs have been working together on these plans for some time now, and it remains to be seen whether or not the city of Milano being awarded joint-host of the 2026 Winter Olympics will impact these plans. For fans, though, this step made the whole idea a lot more tangible.

The new plan

The idea is to build a 60,000 seat stadium adjacent to where the current San Siro stands. A lot of analysis has been done on the feasibility of renovating or upgrading the current stadium versus building a new one. Overall, the new stadium has become the obvious choice, especially because it offers better security, safety, and accessibility standards, as well as offering the most sustainability and the best experience for fans.

This, of course, means that as part of the project, the San Siro would eventually be torn down, which is a difficult thing for fans to comprehend. I think more fans are accepting of the demise of such a beautiful piece of our history due to the reports of unusual movement in the third tier during some of the Inter matches this past season. Although the structural integrity has been carefully examined and verified to be safe, it’s just a reminder that our beautiful stadium is that much closer to being a hazard instead of our home.

History and emotions

The plans presented yesterday include a detailed technical and engineering study, but no architectural plans as of yet. That would be the next step, should the study be given the green light. It is reported that there will be 1.2 billion worth of private investments to be made in the project, but the cost for the stadium itself would be around €700.000, to be shared by both clubs. In addition to the opportunity for economic growth and increased tourism for the city, it is estimated that at least 3,500 new jobs would be created just in the multifunctional urban district alone.

The goal would be to have the new stadium complete by 2023. The city has stated that the San Siro would unequivocally remain standing through 2026 due to the successful Olympic bid, as it would be needed for the Opening Ceremony. While it seats an additional 20,000 people beyond what the new stadium would, I have a feeling that the two clubs are hoping that the city will decide to instead utilize the new stadium and the surrounding area as a more modern (and safe) option. Certainly, the safety, costs, and uncertainties, as well as probable delays in merely refurbishing the San Siro are daunting in comparison to building the new structure.

Iconic architecture would give way to modern convenience

The announcement was bittersweet. Anyone who has been to the San Siro knows there is not another stadium like it. The mere idea of tearing it down is soul crushing. However, the idea of having a sustainable new stadium that we own and share with Inter (including the costs) is exciting. This is the step we’ve needed to take all along to become a viable team financially, as well as impacting the quality of squad we can put on the pitch. So aside from the initial heartbreak of losing our “la Scala di Calcio,” there is also excitement at the prospect of moving forward. Somehow, with this tiny bureaucratic step, it feels like we are allowed to dream once again of a new stadium.

This post inspired by the music of Madness’ “Our House”

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