Lazio 1, Milan 1: Slipping

There were a lot of concerns about the pitch ahead of this match due to constant rain and a rugby match the day before, and it was very slippery, but that was not the only thing that was slipping. Despite a very brave performance amidst an injury apocalypse, Milan let the three points slip right through their fingers in the final minutes.

Not even Franck-enstein could save us from ourselves

Milan were tested early, but Calhanoglu had a couple of chances, too, like in the 16th when he forced Strakosha into a great save. Zapata reminded us just how slippery the pitch was in the 18th. But it was Milinkovic-Savic who thought he scored first. His goal in the 28th was called back for offside. His apparent audition to have Milan get him out of Lazio included a shot that was blocked three minutes later, followed by a yellow card for an obvious foul on Calhanoglu just two minutes after that. Bakayoko also took an elbow to the head in the 43rd. Even if he struggles to keep possession, he is certainly very tough.

The second half belonged in part to Gigio. He was immense and made a number of excellent saves. But it wasn’t until the 78th that the deadlock was broken when Kessie sent the ball powerfully on goal. 1-0 Milan. After a VAR review the goal stood, but later, the league credited the goal to Wallace as an own goal for the deflection. Poor Kessie. He was fantastic on this night.

No minutes for Conti means longer that he's not fit, and this was his only appearance

He wasn’t alone, either. Zapata was flawless. As our only healthy center back right now, he has stepped up so massively. Meaning we are overdue for a Zapata special. My money is that he will find a way to score an own goal in another game with two other teams altogether. But truly, I’m grateful that he has stepped up when we needed him most. Also, Rodriguez had a couple of amazing stops. Playing in a three man backline limits his ability to get forward as much, but he has made up for it by stepping up his defensive skills.

Gigio earned himself a yellow in the 86th for dissent when a foul was called against Abate. But that was Milan’s only yellow. And in a game where Milan were out-fouled eleven to four, we could do worse. Like the other Inzaghi, he got himself sent off in stoppage time for dissent, for example. Cutrone fouled Wallace in the 92nd, a foul that put a smile on my face just because he was so fierce and determined.

Cutrone also determined to help fight against violence against women

But it was in the 94th that Milan truly slipped up. The other Inzaghi’s sub, Correa, saw the tiniest of slots and sent the ball right through it to make it 1-1. I wouldn’t necessarily say Milan outplayed Lazio. They had more possession and almost double the shots. But what was amazing was that in an injury-ravaged squad, with zero substitutions, we had weathered the storm and were one minute away from three points.

It is a sore point with Milan fans that Gattuso didn’t sub. With so many injuries, and with five starters carrying or still mending from recent injuries, it was utterly irresponsible of him not to give a couple of starters a few minutes’ rest. The other Inzaghi made a double sub in the 64th, remarkably subbing off two of his best players. And it seemed folly when they conceded 14 minutes later. But it was one of his subs, Correa, who scored the equalizer, which makes him look kind of brilliant after the fact.

Incredible when he's perpetually injured

The fact that no one acknowledged the true contest on the night is disconcerting, however. Whose hair is worse? Luis Alberto or Borini? Perhaps we were lucky to draw when you take that question into consideration. I’m not sure if the draw will appease either set of fans, but certainly it feels like Milan are beginning to unravel. Ravaged by injuries and unable to get the desired results with grinta alone, every dropped point just feels like we are slipping.

This post inspired by the music of Jan Siberry’s “It Can’t Rain All the Time”

Our next match is
Europa League Group Stage
Milan vs. Dudelange
Thursday, November 29 • 18:55 CET (12:55pm CET)

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