Impact Injuries

Some injuries are caused by impact, but right now, Milan are greatly impacted by injuries. All of these injuries have both immediate impact as well as long-term impact for the club, and none of it is positive. And it’s not just the physical injuries to the players themselves, either, which are crushing enough on their own. The injuries actually impact the mentality of the whole team, the results, as well as the long-term financial and rebuilding plans that were in place.

Fear is not a good look for you, General

The most disturbing aspect of this injury plague was that no one was talking about the why. But finally, after ten starters are carrying some level of injury, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported today that Gattuso and the club are looking into the reasons for so many injuries. Too little too late, in my opinion, but at least there is some hope that they will address the issues and the injuries will slow down.

But that is also a testament as to how the injuries are impacting the mentality of the club. I saw what looked like fear in Gattuso’s eyes during the Real Betis match as more players were injured. And the fear wasn’t for his job. He seemed generally worried about his players. In a recent postmatch press conference, Rodriguez spoke of the fear of watching his teammates drop like flies to injuries. It is not uncommon for an injury mentality to help increase the number of injuries as well, as playing with fear makes you more likely to be injured.

Is it the celebrations causing the injuries?

The results are already being impacted by injuries, that is kind of a no-brainer. Everyone knows that having a healthy starting eleven gives you the best advantage. I mean there’s a reason that Gattuso has barely rotated the starters at all, rarely subs early, and has continued to play them even when they were carrying a small injury. That reason is that they are the best we have, and we have the best results with those eleven players starting. As Gattuso has been forced by injury to start other players, the performances and results are slipping. So are our hopes of Champions League qualification this season. No surprise there, but this is the thing most fans focus on.

However, it is the long-term impact that I am the most concerned about. Before the body count rose to exponential levels, Maldini and Leonardo seemed to have very specific ideas for January’s transfer market as well as next summer and beyond. And those ideas seemed very good, too. Paqueta is already on his way, he’ll start training next month. The rest of their ideas were being put on hold pending UEFA’s sanctions, which we should learn about tomorrow. But they were being fiscally responsible while looking to rebuild properly with quality players.

What good does it do to have them back if they are just replacing injured players?

The injuries are likely to change all that, though, because if UEFA doesn’t give us a brutal transfer ban, Milan are going to have to go bargain hunting for any players available that can stand on two feet to replace our long-term injuries. They may be “bad apples” or not really have the qualities we want, but beggars can’t be choosers. (And Gattuso has to be on his knees begging every day right now to be able to field eleven healthy players.) Whether or not they are Serie A quality players or even the kind of player Milan needs to rebuild are completely secondary right now. So our rebuilding gets pushed back that much further, and we may get stuck with players on our roster we don’t want long-term, but can’t exactly get rid of. Sound familiar?

I hurt for our players who are hurting. Not only are they warriors who want to play in every match, their bodies are broken, and some of the injuries could impact their careers. Particularly for the youngest players, this is so disturbing to think about. But for Milan, their injuries impact everything from mentality to results to rebuilding. Just when we thought we had finally caught a break and were aiming to return where we belong, another catastrophe befalls the club. Sound familiar? Welcome to impact injuries.

This post inspired by the music of NIN’s “Hurt”

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