Mercato of Procrastination

Milan have had a very unique summer. If you call changing ownership by default to a hedge fund and having a European ban overturned by the CAS “unique.” But those events directly impacted our mercato, more specifically, the club’s ability to make any moves in the mercato in or out. And with everything being delayed so late in the summer, it has fallen on our new management, minus an actual CEO, to work out a mercato of procrastination.

Signing of the Century.

Mirabelli left us a couple of gifts, free transfers that were worked out in May, well ahead of the summer:

IN: Pepe Reina on a free transfer from Napoli, 3 year contract
IN: Ivan Strinic on a free transfer from Sampdoria, 3 year contract

Mirabelli reportedly signed him to replace Gigio, instead we have an epic goalkeeping force

After all of the penniless owners and unduly harsh UEFA punishments were removed, Elliott Management brought in Leonardo as the new Sporting Director, then he quickly convinced Maldini to join him. Only there wasn’t much time left, and our temporary captain wanted out. Because of everything going on and the parameters of time and money, I feel like everything that has happened since has been nothing short of miraculous.

OUT: Gustavo Gomez to Palmeiras, 1 year loan with right of redemption
OUT: Leonardo Bonucci to Juventus, a direct swap in player value
IN: Mattia Caldara from Juventus, a younger and more loyal version in this swap
IN: Gonzalo Higuain loan from Juve, €18m paid 1 yr. loan, option to buy for €36m in 2 pmts.
OUT: Nikola Kalinic sold to Atletico Madrid for €15m
OUT: Antonelli contract terminated by mutual consent, Empoli picked him up on a 3 year deal
OUT: André Silva loaned to Sevilla for €5m with a right to buy for €30m
OUT: Locatelli loan to Sassuolo, €2m pd. loan w/obligation to buy for €10m (+ €2m in bonuses)
IN: Tiemoué Bakayoko from Chelsea, €5m pd. loan w/option to buy for €35m*
IN: Samu Castillejo loaned from Villarreal for €3m, obligation to buy for €15m + Bacca*
OUT: Carlos Bacca to Villarreal, as part of the deal for Castillejo*

*These deals are reported to be done, pending medicals, and not official yet as of this writing.

Amazing players, amazing at trolling, too

There is still much to be done in the next four days until the transfer window slams shut. Most notably, Montolivo, who was told to find a new club, needs to get the hell out of our club. There are a number of young players that need to find new clubs as well, whether it be on loan or permanent deals. Then there is the ever-present need for a new central midfielder. While fans beg for “the dream,” there is no progress reported there. That French guy reportedly turned down a contract extension, and might satisfy the insatiable desires of Milan fans for a decent player at that spot. But the trouble is, not only did Leonardo and Maldini come in very late to the party, they have very little in the way of money to spend, given the parameters of FFP. Elliott Management coming in and wiping away our debt is such a massive blessing, but it would be in vain if we overspent and didn’t honor FFP guidelines.

His exit would make it the perfect mercato

When you consider the position we were in when the mercato opened, completely paralyzed, then we have actually done very well. Bringing back Maldini alone after nine years of anguish makes it the best mercato in at least a decade. But if we are to be greedy, I know fans want something more to make it even better. However, even if this was the end of the mercato, I, for one am grateful for an amazing amount accomplished with little time and less money. It’s not bad for a mercato of procrastination.

This post inspired by the music of Muse’s “Time is Running Out”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 1
Milan vs. Genoa
Sunday, August 19 • 20:30 CEST (2:30pm EDT)

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