Happy 2018!

Happy New Year to Milanisti everywhere! After more than one year of angst, massive changes, surprise successes and devastating disappointments, the new year often resets our jaded and weary hearts with at least a small modicum of hope. And then Milan play again.

Happy New Year!

So since we don’t play again until Saturday, I thought I’d make a list of random things I hope for this year for Milan. Feel free to do the same in the comment section if you like. And remember, this only lasts until Saturday, after that, we burn this list with the vengeance of a betrayed lover and wallow in our self pity once again. Until then, Happy New Year!!

1) Conti will come back sooner than planned, faster, stronger, and maybe with super powers

2) Gattuso will not slap, punch, or strangle any staff, players or opponents

3) Yonghong Li will turn out to be a philanthropist, having secretly inherited a fortune that has not been heretofore disclosed so that he may continue to help his myriad charities, including Milan

4) With that new information, UEFA will agree to our voluntary agreement and allow us five years immunity to FFP sanctions so that we can rebuild our club

5) The Curva will stop abusing the brothers Donnarumma, make peace with Raiola, and give up their criminal and political ways in lieu of spending time serving at soup kitchens and children’s hospitals

6) Kalinic will be sold to Sevilla for obvious reasons

7) With FFP immunity, Milan will invest in three World Class players in January and three more in the summer

8) Montolivo will retire so he has time to chase his daughter’s hats and such

9) Ancelotti will be visited by three ghosts: The ghosts of Milan past, present, and future, and will change his mind and come to coach Milan for free, keeping Gattuso on as the team’s bulldog.

10) Milan will go on an unprecedented run while their opponents drop points, and will qualify for the Champions League… just barely.

This post inspired by Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 20
Milan vs. Crotone
Saturday, January 6 • 15:00 CET (9am EST)
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