Inter vs. Milan Preview: So Much More Than Three Points

The Derby della Madonnina is more than just a football game, it’s a Derby like no other. This year, it’s even bigger than that. With both teams having been purchased by Chinese owners and hundreds of millions of Euros having been poured into them, the rivalry is even deeper and steeped in investment. Both teams are looking for a top four finish, and this is not just a mere three points in that race, either. So the usual pride and three points are not all that is at stake. With one team’s history filled with trophies won with beautiful football and the other team’s history filled with shame, cheating, and titles that don’t belong to them, the Derby would be fiery enough. But now that there are heavy investments and future success on the line, this Derby is so much more than three points.

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Our slimy, whiny, morally bereft “Cugini” are like the bastard child living under the stairs at grandpa’s house. Their team may have originated from the roots of AC Milan, but DNA tests show they more likely were born of an evening with the town drunk. And he was too drunk to know better. When it comes to character and human decency, there is a deficiency of both which defies both logic and mathematical explanation. And that’s just their captain.

But unfortunately, character doesn’t win football games. And Inter have been together longer, have better form, and have actually invested more in the past few years, too. Another huge advantage is that they have no Europe this season, something they crashed and burned at the end of last season to ensure they did not have. Although they typically are quite good at crashing and burning, just not necessarily against us.

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They come into this match in third place, with 19 points, behind second place Juve only on goal differential. They have won six matches and drawn one, although that draw was against Bologna. They also struggled before the break against newcomers Benevento, needing a late goal to take all three points. For that match, Spalletti lined up Handanovic; Miranda, Nagatomo, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio, Perisic, Candreva, Brozovic, Vecino, Valero, and Icardi. Spalletti will be missing Vanheusden and Brozovic to injury, but should have a full squad at his disposal otherwise.

Milan are going to miss Calhanoglu due to suspension. Conti is obviously out, Antonelli is out with a new injury, and Kalinic is unlikely to make fitness in time. I believe Musacchio is also in doubt, but is hopeful. But we also come in with the disadvantage of being seventh on the table, having won four and lost four. Our mentality has been weak, and I’m not entirely sure it is just because we have eleven new players this season. Montella has been under a lot of pressure, and his tactics, lineups, substitutions, and more have been heavily scrutinized. Will he react in desperation, like after the Lazio game? Or will he field our best eleven and give them the right mentality to win this must-win match?

One is ex-Inter, the other could soon be ex-Milan if we don't win

So much is on the line. Spalletti is tasked with making Inter’s random purchase of expensive players over the last few years into a team and showing something for all of Suning’s investments. Montella is tasked with something that hasn’t been done before: forging a team with eleven new players and bringing Milan back to the Champions League in one season, despite competing in three competitions. And so this year, it’s not just about the Diavoli vs. the Biscione. It’s not even just two teams vying for a top four finish. It’s not class and success and beautiful football against a team with a paper Scudetto and a bunch of whiny half-wit fans. This Derby is everything. It’s worth so much more than three points.

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Serie A Week 8
Il Derby della Madonnina
Inter vs. Milan
Sunday, October 15 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match will be shown LIVE on RAI and BeIn Sports in the U.S.


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