A Derby Like No Other

Il Derby della Madonnina is truly a derby like no other. It is fierce, yet it is family. It is fiery but not hostile. We share a stadium, a city, and our beginnings. And yet the two teams couldn’t be more different. In a world where derbies are so many things, this derby stands out for so many reasons.

The Baresi brothers were literal family, Franco being rejected by Inter ensured he was the ore successful one

Many people do not realize that Milan share a heritage with Inter that is more than geographical. We are called “cugini” because our origins are actual one and the same. It is A Tale of Two Cousins, but Milan is and always will be the original club in Milano. And the most successful. And the best. Inter will always be like that strange relative that everyone thinks was switched at birth.

I typically try to be a forgiving person, but when it comes to Inter, I am all about Holding Grudges. Their fans are so whiny, their history riddled with terrible people and terrible things they did. In fact most of their success was illicitly gotten, and then they go around bragging about it. But their fans are literally the worst, they stand in the Curva smoking and drinking and not even watching the game. Pathetic.

When it comes to the Derby, size matters

When it comes to the matches, we’ve had some delicious Derby wins. Like our Supercoppa win in 2011, where we made Snake Soup out of those slimebags. Ironic that the Chinese Derby was a hint of things to come, too, with both teams now being owned by Chinese investors. There was the fabulous shutout Derby of 2001, where Milan beat the home team, Inter, 0-6. And who could forget our Derby in January, where Milan won our home Derby 3-0?

This year, both teams face off with Chinese ownership. One team has bigger problems with the Chinese government, but Inter are no strangers to legal problems. After a Karmalicious season, they have the advantage of not playing in Europe. But I am sure they will find a way to shoot themselves in the leg anyway, they always do. Plus, their fans can always use something more to whine about.

Sometimes, you get what you deserve

Whether you look at The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, the Derby is never boring. Despite Inter having been together longer and being in better form, Milan have higher potential and more players who represent their countries on national team duty, for example. We are the original Milan team, the authentic representatives of the city, and have far more success on and off the pitch. Regardless of the final score on Sunday, we know that this will be a Derby like no other.

This post inspired by the music of NIN

Serie A Week 8:
Il Derby della Madonnina
Inter vs. Milan
Sunday, October 15 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)

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