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After eleven months of uncertainty, the sale of Milan finally closed. The 31 year legacy of Berlusconi is over. But this new ownership raises as many questions as it brings answers. And speaking of answers, after Inter came into the Derby with a two point lead at halftime, Milan’s defenders came back with two goals of their own to answer. So recording right after that match, you can imagine what kind of conversation this was.

Celebrating with the new management after the Derby

To discuss the massive changes at Milan, I needed a massive Milan fan, so of course I asked Michelangelo. You can follow him at @mkidj on Twitter and also on Snapchat at mkidj to find more wisdom. Find out what we chatted about:

• News of the Week: new kits, new Milan babies

• Season Update: reviewing Palermo and Inter matches

• Sale of the Club: finally, actual news!

• Club Finances: questions and answers about club finances

• Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Michelangelo for the great postmatch conversation. Follow him on Twitter @mkidj also mkidj on snapchat.

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Our next match is
Milan vs. Empoli
Sunday, April 23 • 15:00 CST (9am EDT)

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