Inter 2, Milan 2: Epic Karma

The irony was not lost on me. In November, Milan suffered a heartbreaking 2-2 draw in the Derby with a goal scored in the dying minutes of stoppage time. So it was only fitting that we should show Inter the same kindness today. And that draw feels like a win, considering the difference in our quality of players. And quality of coreo. The Curva Sud created a Robin Hood themed coreo whose second banner said “Every city has its problems,” aimed at Inter. We definitely won that one. But what a perfect result for us today, who were definitely the underdogs on the pitch. And what epic Karma for Inter.

"Milano: Every city has its problems"

The match started off with a bang, with 3 Milan players attempting shots from one another’s rebounds in the second minute. The whole first half was intense, with Milan attacking relentlessly and Inter defending and trying to get a few shots in. On paper, Milan played even better than it seemed, with 61% possession and a total of 14 shots, but six of those on target. However in the 36th minute, reality hit when Candreva scored a goal. 1-0 Inter. It was a tough pill to swallow. But things got even worse in the 44th, Icardi, who had never scored against us before, did. 2-0 Milan. I felt like the collective wind being knocked out Milan fans everywhere was audible. Certainly I questioned my sanity at waking up so early in the morning for this.

So epic. Romagnoli scores, the €40m player Inter stole from us can only walk away in disgust

The second half was slightly more relaxed, but still intense. Kuco even attempted a bicycle kick in the 53rd. And Montella made one of his earlier subs in the 57th, bringing on Locatelli for Kuco, too. There were some great shots, great blocks and saves, and then a number of other changes, including Lapadula coming on for Sosa in the 75th and Ocampos coming on for Calabria in the 81st.

Then it happened. In the 83rd, Romagnoli scored, with a great assist from Suso. 2-1 Inter. Suso had been unfortunately very well contained by Nagatomo the entire match, but here and there he was afforded moments of brilliance. But it still seemed only a consolation goal as regulation ticked away and we entered the five minutes of stoppage time.

Zapata applies some serious Karma to Medel

Marking the beginning of stoppage time was the entrance of one Biabiany, who was a Milan player for exactly one photograph a few years back, and now had switched to the dark side. After a couple of yellows, including one for Locatelli in the 95th minute, Biabiany missed a sitter in the 96th minute. Which is when Inter really wished the game had ended. But due to some stoppage for injuries or cards or whatever and a whole lot of timewasting from Inter, Orsato kept the clock going. Just long enough for Zapata to sneak one in in the 97th minute (sound familiar? I told you these things even out.) 2-2 all. The most brilliant picture of the day was Orsato showing Medel the Goal Line Technology reading on his watch that showed that it was, in fact, a goal.

The new management celebrates the comeback in the dressing room with the team

Just as the collective Milan fans worldwide were audibly deflated when Icardi scored, the celebrations, hugs, and screams and cheers of Milanisti worldwide were absolutely audible. We had stolen a point at the death, which was epic Karma, because they did virtually the same thing to us in November. With a 2-2 draw even. And we did it with an extra almost two minutes of stoppage time and a goal that had to be confirmed by Goal Line Technology. So brilliant. And such epic Karma.

I have no regrets about waking up so early. Inter looked so much better than we did, their individual quality was so obvious compared to our humble young squad. They literally have the oldest average squad in Serie A and we have the youngest average squad this season, they should have absolutely schooled us. And the scoreline at the half indicated as much, too. But after finalizing the sale of the club and all we’ve been through in recent years, it was a tremendous moral boost to take the point and stay two points ahead of them on the table. Especially with such a dramatic ending. It was absolutely epic Karma.

This post inspired by the music of “Chi non salta Nerazzurro é”

Our next match is
Milan vs. Empoli
Sunday, April 23 • 15:00 CST (9am EDT)

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To all those who celebrate,
Buona Pasqua!

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