Somebody That I Used To Know

Last year things were so dire that many of us fans insisted that we did not want Europe this year, hoping that we could take this year and focus on Serie A and rebuild. But neither of those things are happening, instead we are being handed more lame excuses and more turnover in the squad. So it is that much more painful midweek to watch the singular Italian club left in the Champions League compete, a team that has dominated Italy but never been a force in Europe. Meanwhile, as seven times champions of Europe, Milan struggle to stay top ten in a very weakened Italy and watch European competition like a homeless person watching a TV through a window. Just like somebody that I used to know.

From glory to shame in so little time... but a little part of me still believes

As memories of playing midweek against the top European clubs fade, we are left with the reality that our club is not even starting to rebuild, with no signs of change on the horizon. Management has disrespected our heroes and legends, and they continue to disrespect us as fans, too. They are quick to point the blame everywhere else, but refuse to look in the mirror and acknowledge their own responsibilities, let alone be willing to make any changes. Like ex-lovers, our hearts keep saying “We can still be friends,” but the reality is that we are still deeply in love. Even if the club is behaving like somebody that I used to know.

So while another legend has been set up to fail as manager in this incredibly dysfunctional relationship, our dreams of playing in Europe again are shoved back to the subconscious as we watch the party we were not invited to from the outside. On the surface, we try to appear strong and act like it’s okay. But when we close our eyes, the memory of Champions League glory is still there, and dreams of an eighth trophy somewhere in the future still haunt our nights. As I said on the last podcast, I am becoming numb. But we all know that is just a self-defense mechanism. The numbness masks the pain inside from being treated so poorly by the club who is the source of the pain. And I still cling to dreams of European glory somewhere in the future, even if that future seems further away with every match that we play. I can’t quit you, Milan. Not even when you behave like somebody that I used to know.

This post inspired by the music of Gotye (featuring Kimbra) “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Our next match is
Chievo vs. Milan
Saturday, February 28 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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