Milan 2, Cesena 0: Think Again

So I wake up at 5am to see that we are playing a 4-3-1-2 without our best trequartista for some reason. This is not encouraging. Nevertheless, my heart requires me to watch the game. And since kickoff was at 6am on a very busy day for me, you get a treat: my notes instead of a review. Think again. You’re welcome.

The official opening goal goes to Jack!

Ruud Gullit is here. Perhaps he hasn’t heard.

I am unsure about the 4-3-1-2, and especially with this iteration of it. Last time we started with it was also against Cesena, and we drew.

2’ Poli goal called off… offside? No, Destro was judged to have blocked Leali’s view. I hate that rule. Poor Poli.

8’ Menez could pass or go around, but takes the easy way out and draws the foul. Lazy. Lucchini gets the yellow card.

11’ Another corner not conceded. Who is this Milan?

Montolivo is not half the hero he thinks he is. He takes a spot that someone else should have. Now if only we had someone else for that spot…

So the game is at 3pm. Milan have sucked really hard. Should we go to the stadium? Apparently, a lot of people decided no.

17’ Defrel’s shot blocked

22’ Bonaventura goal! LOL, he’s channeling Bonucci with that celebration. Menez with the assist, 1-0 Milan

Signs autographs ahead of game, scores. Formula for success

23’ Abbiati falling on Rami… ouch

Djuric is 6’6” (1.98m.) He’s a forward. This just has disaster written all over our backline.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like Menez? So selfish. And again… Destro was wide open

31’ Bocchetti yellow card

35’ Ze Eduardo, who refused Allegri’s offer at a trial, just got De Jonged. Shoulda done the trial, he could have been on the right side of De Jong.

37’ De Jong slapping Giorgi, he seems to be in a mood today. I hope Cesena have good medical.

41’ Ze Eduardo unable to finish his trial for Milan after all, Mudingayi on for him

I am more likely to get service at the DMV in 90 minutes than Destro is likely to get any service with Menez on the pitch.

44’ Antonelli fells Djuric like a logger fells a tree

45 +3’ Abbiati miracle save. That’s why he’s my boy.

Halftime. Milan 1, Cesena 0

Ruud Gullit brings son to San Siro, Milan finally win. Get him a seat for every match.

47’ Destro’s shot goes wide (was it a deflection?) Weird it would go to the right for him…

49’ Nica’s head collides with Antonelli’s shoulder, delay as he’s cleaned up and bandaged

51’ Antonelli great save!

53’ Bonaventura’s shot off the post! How did that not go in?

Sure, Menez got the assist, but imagine how many more goals we could have had if he would have passed it instead of keeping it all of those other times?

59’ Don’t break Bonera, our signing of the season right back has had a great game!

62’ Menez draws the foul from Nica, Nica gets the yellow. Does he have someplace he keeps track of all of the yellows he’s earned for his opponents?

63’ Destro off for Pazzini. Poor Destro, Menez is so very selfish.

66’ The head wounded Nica goes off for Capelli

How Milan fans feel after finally winning

My commentator saying Destro had fewer touches than Abbiati. How freaking selfish can Menez be?

71’ And Menez being selfish again when Bonaventura was wide open… sigh.

74’ De Feudis is subbed off for Cabonero

80’ Montolivo finally goes off for van Ginkel, gives the captain’s armband to the rightful arm of Abbiati

86’ Menez off for Cerci. The only way he’ll stop hogging the ball.

88’ Cerci gets fouled, and continuing in Menez’ tradition, Volta earns a yellow for it

89’ Antonelli being held in the box, the ref gives a very generous penalty. I guess he remembers which stadium he’s at?

90’ Pazzini converts the penalty to make it 2-0 Milan! Finally Pazzini gets on the scoreboard this year.

90+ 2 Carbonero, not content with conceding the penalty, fouls Cerci and finally earns a yellow.

Milan won for the most important fans of all

Okay, so this was much better than the 4-4-2, but also remember that we had some players back that helped a lot, too. Also, I should make more ridiculous Muntari photoshops. I hate Menez more than I ever hated him before, despite the fact that we won. We still have a long way to go, and I will only believe consistency when I see it, but I’m gonna take this three points and be grateful for them. Who knows when the next ones are coming?

This post inspired by a ridiculous compulsion to arise very early in the morning to watch my Milan

Our next match is
Chievo vs. Milan
Saturday, February 28 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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