Milan 1, Empoli 1: You Had One Job, Milan

This match kicked off at 3:30am for me. I have had very little sleep. But one doesn’t need to have much sleep to see how poorly the team played, even at that hour. With new injury worries, the result is the least of my concerns. I am more concerned as to what has happened to my team. You had one job, Milan.

I was fine with the goal, actually. Would be fine for him to score more, actually

Because of sleep deprivation and an epic podcast I’ve now got to edit for you people, I’m not gonna use my real good English and make them fancy paragraphs for you. Instead, I’m gonna just break down the important facts:

5’ Alex got a boot to the face, was subbed off for Bocchetti in the 8th

40’ Destro scored on a Bonaventura assist, 1-0 Milan. Then he did the infamous pole dance. Not so good.

48’ Rami got a yellow for a tackle

64’ Antonelli got a yellow for a handball

68’ Maccarone scored the equalizer, 1-1

78’ Ex-Milan youth player Verdi got a yellow for a tackle on Paletta (the birthday boy)

79’ Honda subbed off for Cerci

80’ The birthday boy got a yellow card, he’ll miss the next match

83’ Diego Lopez got a red card for handling the ball outside of the box. He’ll miss the next match

84’ Abbiati on for Destro, Milan on 10 men

88’ Paletta pulls up with a thigh injury and can’t continue, Milan on 9 men

90’+ Bonaventura holding the shoulder which was the reason he just returned from injury

That's Captain De Boss to you, sir.

I don’t like the 4-4-2.
I don’t like games at 3:30am.
I don’t like waking up to watch Milan play so poorly.
I don't like Destro's pole dance. Look for poles everywhere to protest.
The only good thing was that De Jong returned, and he was given the armband.
You had one job, Milan.

This post inspired by nothing. The vast, emptiness that is nothing (and also coincidentally Milan’s tactics of late.)

Our next match is
Sunday, February 22 • 15:00 CET (9am EST)
Bring the kids so they can watch Milan play abysmally (not an official Milan endorsement)

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