Poll: I Will Survive

Perhaps if I were a more casual fan, summer breaks would be easier. But I’m not. This blog is called Milan Obsession for a reason. So, much like an addict awaiting my next fix, the last week or two before the season begins is the hardest. I have learned a few coping techniques, but today I wanted to find out how you, my fellow obsessed fans, are coping, and maybe together, we will survive…

So… it’s five days’ wait until our Champions League qualifying match vs. PSV Enidhoven, and nine days’ wait until Serie A kicks off with our trip to Verona. I tried to fill the last podcast, featuring Jovan, with things to think about until the season begins, but I’m still having withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, tremors, and the tell-tale remote control seizure syndrome. So please take the poll below and select as many of the coping mechanisms as you like. And feel free to add other coping mechanisms of your own in the comments section. You never know when your idea might just save someone else’s life.

With any luck, we’ll all make it to the beginning of the season. Forza Milan!

This post inspired by the music of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”

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