Podcast: Are We There Yet?

It seems like it’s the last week or two before the season starts that is hardest to bear. But to help us get through the last week before our Champions League qualification match, we decided to look back at the friendlies of the past couple of weeks and look ahead to see if we could make some prediction. Only time will tell if we were right or not. But hey, it’s better than asking ourselves one more time, “Are we there yet?”

Are we there yet?

 My guest this time is Jovan, Milan Obsession co-founder and mastermind behind the amazing fantasyseriea.com, fantasybundes.com, and fantasy-liga.com sites. We talk about:

• News of the Week: The importance of humor, the big friendly, Champions League squad, Super Mario’s latest addition.

• Friendlies Reviews: Audi Cup and the ICC matches

• Upcoming Matches Preview: Champions League qualifying at PSV, Serie A week 1 at Hellas Verona

• Season Predictions: mercato, Champions League qualifying, Serie A, and more

Thanks again to Jovan for another great podcast. Check out his amazing fantasy football sites: fantasyseriea.com, fantasybundes.com, and fantasy-liga.com If his predictions are half as good as his programming skills, it’s going to be a great season!

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