The Grinch Who Stole Milan

Throughout the season, there has been much discussion about Allegri, his lineups, substitutions, etc., and his accountability for the results of Budget Milan™. However during the summer, there was no love lost for management, either. Since we have a short break now and the looming January mercato on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to focus back on the management again.

Champagne Bread and Water Football

When I speak of Milan management, I speak obviously of President Berlusconi, the one who “couldn’t refuse” €70m for our two best players, and is quick to remind everyone of just how much money he saved the club. The money he saved, of course, was the money Galliani unwisely promised said players in salary in order to get them on free or cheap transfers. Nice piece of business that worked out to be.

And that Galliani is the same who openly criticized our manager both preseason and during the season, and also contradicts just about everything his fellow board member, Barbara Berlusconi says, leading to a split board. And even if Barbara Berlusconi makes more sense than both of those guys put together, she apparently has no power, and made the decision to have a personal relationship with one of the players, which may or may not have affected said player’s request to leave the club. (Rumors of a breakup were circulating before his request to leave was announced.)

"Oooh, his salary is that high? Who was the fool who negotiated that?"

For these and so many reasons, management has come under fire by fans around the world. And with good reason. Ticket sales, jersey sales, everything is down. Whereas last year we were vying for top spot until the last couple of games of the season, this season we are lucky to be in 7th place, largely thanks to the errors of other clubs, but we are 17 points behind Juventus, the club we barely lost the Scudetto to last season. While Allegri has done all that he can to undermine the team he was given, the team he was given is a ghost compared to the teams he had his first two years at the club. Comparing their tasks and expectations, I would say that Allegri is far more successful at his job this season than management are at theirs. What do you think? Take the poll, and feel free to comment below. (The poll is anonymous, and you may vote for as many options as you like on this one.)

This post inspired by Boris Karloff’s “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

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