Milan 4, Pescara 1: Birthday Gifts

It’s Milan’s 113th birthday, and you’ve been invited to their party. If you are Pescara, what do you give them? Try not just one, but two own goals. Gift wrapped and delivered by Abbruscato and Jonathas. All I can say is thank you very much, Pescara. And a very happy birthday to Milan, all 113 years of excellence.

The match started off with a bang. A little over 30 seconds in, Nocerino struck quickly and surely from a nice assist by El Shaarawy. 1-0 Milan. After that, the half was a bit labored and unremarkable. Well there was a yellow card for Modesto in the 40th for a bad foul on the young De Sciglio. But honestly, although we had some chances, it was a lackluster performance versus a newly promoted team.

The second half, however was anything but boring. Bjarnason had a decent header on target in the 48th that was saved by Amelia. Pazzini immediately countered it at the other end with a shot that was saved by Perin after a nice pass from Robinho. Then Togni tried to take out El Shaarawy and got a yellow for it in the 50th, it seemed these dolphins were out to get our young players today.

Let the Nocegols flow

Then the unthinkable happened. On a Robinho corner, Abbruscato put it right in the back of his own net. 2-0 Milan. What a lovely gift for our wonderful club on its 113th birthday. But after conceding such an embarrassing goal like that, Pescara were not sitting back. In fact, Terlizzi took matters into his own hands in the 56th. Yepes earned a yellow and also a free kick for Pescara. Terlizzi sealed the deal with Pescara’s only goal on their side of the scoresheet this match. 2-1 Milan. And yes, it was another goal conceded on a set piece. Milan need to figure out why their remedial set piece classes aren’t working and fast. We will sink our own ship if we continue on this path.

It appeared that Pescara would pull another goal back, certainly they were playing with momentum. In the 60th, Balzano had a great shot that had Amelia beaten, but luckily for us, the post was there and it didn’t go in. After that, Allegri brought on Boateng for Robinho. Robinho had done some nice things, but was a little lethargic and went to ground easily, too. But I can’t say that Boateng was any improvement. Although he displayed more energy, he was his usual self with too much on his passes and wild shots.

El Shaarawy was destined to score on his friend

Our boys, wanting to truly make this a party, were fierce on offense, but struggling to get the ball in the back of the net. So Jonathas, having subbed on in the 64th, decided to help out with yet another own goal in the 79th. 3-1 Milan. That was just what El Shaarawy needed to score on his good friend, Mattia Perin, as he scored a nice one in the 81st from a perfect Pazzini assist. 4-1 Milan. I guess Perin will think twice before mocking il Faraone’s Playstation abilities.

Allegri finally realized he had two more subs, so he brought on Niang for Pazzini in the 82nd, and then Muntari on for El Shaarawy in the 84th. There were still a couple of memorable moments, like a foul from Muntari in the 88th. He’s definitely back. Or like Constant, who had been relatively quiet offensively for much of the match, who was not giving up on the chance to cross it in for someone in the 91st, he went down fighting at the goal line, giving Perin quite the scare.

He's back. Pigeon, you'd best get out of the way.

I would not say that this was our best game. We seemed to play down to Pescara’s level, an old habit we seem to have kept from our former team. And any game we concede on a set piece is like taking two steps back in our progression. But even without the very kind gifts Pescara gave us, we would have won this one, and on this day, I would say that the victory was the important thing. The match showed both how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. But the three points move us up the table as other teams are faltering, and it gives hope to us fans, the fans of the most amazing club in the world. In good times and bad, we always support the red and black. With success at the heart of our club, today’s success was definitely like a birthday party to me. Thank you Pescara, we wish you well. And now, on with the celebrations!

Happy 113th to AC Milan!

Have a “Curva Sud Cupcake” to celebrate!

For all of the joy, the magic, and the passion…
For all of the pain, the suffering, and tears…
Grazie, AC Milan!
Here’s to many more years of trophies!

This post inspired by the greatest football club the world has ever seen

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