Milan 2, Lecce 0: Remembering

To honor the memory of Marco “Sic” Simoncelli, Milan remembered him by taking the game by the handlebars and going full throttle to the finish line. It wasn’t the most exciting game for fans to watch, rather it was won by focusing and working hard for 90 minutes. But after all of the excitement in London this week, it was still refreshing. And remembering who you are and how to take 3 points from teams big and small is truly the mark of a team of champions.

Long lost scoring brothers

Probably the biggest threat to one’s heart today was right at the beginning of the game, when the beloved Thiago Silva tried to head the ball into the net and fell awkwardly, apparently injuring his hip. He played the full 90 minutes, though, so let’s hope it was nothing. Certainly, it was nice to see us pull off a win with both Bonera and Antonini in our back line, and no major mistakes made. Maybe Allegri’s inexplicable belief in them has finally paid off. (This girl is still shell-shocked, though, I’ll believe it when I see a whole season.)

Just as the cans of magic spray went back into the trainer’s bags and Silva was back in position, the first goal came. Ibra backheeled it across the box to Nocerino, who slotted in his ninth goal of the season. Brilliant. 1-0 Milan.

Absolutely beastly.

After that, Lecce was under fire. Shots from Robinho, Urby, Muntari, Ibra, and even Abate kept the masked Benassi very busy. Milan would finish with 19 shots, 10 on goal. Benassi singlehandedly kept Lecce in the game.

Muriel had been on a roll, with 5 goals in the league, and he had a couple of shots today, too, but was mostly kept quiet. Oddo took a free kick, but it went wide. Maybe he just realized that he’s still owned by Milan, I don’t know.

Who was that masked wonder?

In the 35th, Ibra put a beautiful ball in for Robinho, but the Brazilian was not quite able to connect and put it in. My commentator said “I guess he can’t play the ball in and go get it himself.” Clearly, he’s not seen Ibra play much. That man will do whatever it takes to score.

In the 40th, Bertolacci spent some time down & getting treatment thanks to a challenge by Muntari. In the 45th +1, Thiago Silva was given a warning by the ref for a foul on Muriel. And then in the 45th +2, Bonera, playing at center back, had a great stop on Bojinov. Perhaps Sic was with them more than just in memory.

Allegri smile = good

Stats show that Abbiati had one save on the day. I think it may have been on the Bojinov shot in the 52nd. But then in the 55th, Blasi earned a yellow for a foul on Ibra. Don’t people know you can get so much worse than a card for messing with Ibra, or even his teammates? Just ask Aronica.

The 62nd saw Aquilani come on for Muntari, who nearly scored his first minute on the pitch from a ball in from Ibra. But two minutes later, someone did score. It was Ibra, from an Urby header via Robinho. 2-0, Milan.

Goal #19, his celebrations are never boring.

In the 69th, Antonini did pick up a knock, but is undoubtedly going to be available for Parma next weekend. Let’s just hope the in form Antonini shows up. Back to the match, though, in the 76th, Urby took a shot that required both Benassi and Oddo to clear it. In the 78th, El Shaarawy came on for Robinho, and quickly made himself known to the Lecce defense. Then in the 83rd, Ibra completed his feat of a goal and an assist by earning a yellow card. In stoppage time, both Ibra and El Shaarawy had shots saved by Benassi.

But in the end, 2 goals was enough to remember our champion heritage and remember a legend in his own right, a friend to the squad and devout Milan fan, Sic. With other results, this win put Milan four points clear at the top of the table. It’s a precarious place to be, but if Milan can remember to work hard like they did today, I’m sure there will be another Scudetto trophy heading our way in May.

Our next match is Parma vs. Milan
Saturday, March 17th • 18:00 CET (1pm EDT)

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