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Top 10 Reasons Why Milan Will Win the Scudetto Again

10) Ibra-freaking-himovic and his league-winning mojo (or maybe just his massive talent?)

9) To give our bandwagon fans a reason to stay on the wagon.

8) So we can continue on our quest to populate the right side of Milan with trophies.

7) To honor our Milan Legends.

6) To show Inter what it is to win back to back titles on merit alone.

5) Berlusconi likes trophies, and what Berlu likes, Berlu gets.

4) We look good in confetti.

3) We have the best offense in Serie A.

2) We have the best defense in Serie A.

1) Because not only are we the BEST, we know how to celebrate the best, too:

Here’s to another amazing season with the best club in the world.

Forza Milan!!

This post inspired by the music of Elaine’s Milan Mix, including “We are the Champions,” “Inno Milan,” “The Devil Inside,” and “We Will Rock You.”