Rate Your Satisfaction With the Players Strike

Today I thought we would take a quick look at how we rate the Players’ Strike. As strikes go, has it had enough drama? Have there been enough innocent women and children harmed? Has one party completely owned the other, or has there been a lot of boring compromise going on? Have there been ongoing negotiations taking place, showing concern for the fans, or have both parties barely been bothered to make any effort toward resolution? Has it lasted long enough? Has the loss of football to loss of life ratio been high enough, or could it be improved?

One way of gauging the success would be to go to the media: How many stories about the potential strike were there prior to the actual strike? Were there enough stories throughout the duration of the strike to this point? Another potential dealbreaker, how many of the stories have carried any element of truth in them? And most importantly, do you feel that there have been enough rumors about the strike ending so far in hopes of playing this weekend? Anything less than massive confusion on the official ending of the strike should be completely unacceptable.

These are but a few of the important questions one should ask oneself when considering whether or not this strike has been the gut-wrenching, soul-stealing, life-ending experience a football strike should be to this point. If it has been anything short of this, then it is completely unacceptable to rate it as satisfactory. And if you have barely noticed it or it has only been a mild inconvenience to you thus far, then you should be outraged at the lack of quality the players and owners have provided you for the delay in the start of the Serie A season.

Consider your position carefully and then please take a moment to weigh in on our poll below. And if you do not feel vindicated enough in your opinion by merely clicking a button or two, then I implore you to share your satisfaction or contempt in the comments section below.

Note: This poll and related comments may or may not be used to provide better service for any future football strikes. Your participation could increase satisfaction levels in future labor disputes between players and their clubs, and is very much appreciated.

This post inspired by the music of Rage Against the Machine.

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