“Summertime, and the living is easy…” Our Serie A Champions return back to pre-season training July 12th, so they are enjoying the summer they have until then. Here’s how a few of our favorite champions are relaxing post-Scudetto:

Masimilliano Allegri relaxing and working at the same time like the stud he is in Porto Cervo in Sardinia. My guess is that he’s talking to Galliani about Hamsik, but I have been wrong before…

AC Milan Captain Massimo Ambrosini is vacationing in Formentera, an island in the Mediterranean, with his wife, Paola and their son, Federico. Paola is expecting their 2nd child.

Veteran Milan center back Alessandro Nesta chose Florida as his family vacation destination. Pictured here with wife, Gabriela, their daughter, Sofia, and son, Tommaso

Legendary striker Pippo Inzaghi also chose to vacation on the Spanish island of Formentara, although this summer he is vacationing alone, his relationship with Alessia Ventura having ended. (That’s right, ladies, he’s single! Better make a move quick!)

It may come as a shock that Pato was seen with a certain Berlusconi in Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil prior to joining his National Team for the Copa America. Don’t worry, boys, it’s not the evil orange spray tanned Oompa-loompa that runs Italy, it’s the one that some of you find a little more feminine.

DISCLAIMER: This information was garnered from multiple Italian tabloid sites, which, as everyone knows, are actually far more reliable than the transfer rumors circulating ad nauseum. Still, this blog and its bloggers claim no responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracies in this post. In fact, let’s all just pretend that this never happened and pray for some real news to start up again so this kind of thing never ever happens again.

Feel free to tell us in the comments section anything fun you have planned this summer, post-Scudetto celebration (that is if you’ve stopped celebrating…)

This post compiled while relaxing to the timeless music of Ella Fitzgerald

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