Milan-Monza Preview: So We Meet Again

Milan welcome back to the San Siro a couple of old acquaintances on Saturday. And when I say old, I mean Berlusconi is 86 years old, and Galliani is a spry 78 years old. After using Milan for Berlusconi's political purposes until he was done with it and then letting the club fall into ruin, then selling it to a charlatan for way more money than it was worth, they pretend like they have some claim to Milan's current success. Ironically, that success was built from the ashes of their ruin by Maldini, who was blocked from returning to the club for nine years by Galliani. Meanwhile, Berlusconi wanted to get back into politics, so he bought a new club, not too far away, AC Monza. Not coincidentally, I'm sure, it has the same starting letters, the same number of letters, and also the color red, just like AC Milan. So while he lives in his delusions and past successes, and probably has parties with only a single Bunga now, his team have somehow made their way up to Serie A and are coming to the San Siro. So we meet again.

Let's just hope there are some celebrations like this on Saturday

Galliani is still up to his old unsustainable spending ways. His first purchase was to go straight to Inter and pick up Ranocchia on a free transfer. That didn't go well, as the player has since retired from football. Amongst his other loan and free transfer deals, others from Inter as well, of course, he spent at least €26 million this summer to reinforce a squad that he had already poured over €70 million into. This after Berlusconi bought the club for under €3 million just four years ago. Meanwhile, Maldini, the one he kept out of Milan, is turning water into wine at Milan, purchasing actual players that are young and increasing in value on a shoestring budget. 

Berlusconi's cheap knockoff Milan

While I am sure that Berlusconi will try to come into the Milan dressing room, and will try to tell Pioli to play with two strikers, he recently sacked his first manager of the season after not winning a single Serie A match. Did he hire Cristian Brocchi? No. Because this wasn't a revenge sacking, he actually wanted to win this time. So he hired Palladino, who made an instant impact, and continues to impress. Most recently, midweek, with a shock 3-2 win over Udinese in the Coppa Italia. For that match, he lined up Cragno; Antov, Paletta, Carboni; Brindelli, Rovella, Ranocchia, D'Alessandro; Valoti; Colpani, and Machin. Palladino is missing Rovella to suspension, having been sent off in their 1-0 loss to Empoli last weekend. Izzo is injured, but other than that, he seems to have a complete squad available. 

If at first you don't succeed, spend, spend some more

I do not know how Pioli maintains such a positive attitude with so many injuries. This week, After celebrating Leão placing 14th in the Ballon d'Or and Maignan being the fifth ranked goalkeeper in the world, Milan and several players won a number of awards at the Gran Galà del CalcioJust like last year, when Kjaer was at the Ballon d'Or one day, then out with a devastating injury just a day or two later, the curse of greatness happened again.

Pioli was expected to get Maignan, De Ketelaere, and Kjaer back from injury in time to face the old buzzards' team. But tragically, Maignan injured his other calf, and will be out for the rest of the calendar year. He should have De Ketelaere and Kjaer back, but late reports say that Bennacer has a fever and will likely not be available for this one, which is another big loss.

Milan has changed ownership three times since Berlusconi sold the club five years ago

Add Maignan and Bennacer to the list of Ibrahimović, Florenzi, Calabria, and Saelemaekers, and we are literally missing half of our starting lineup. Again. Plus, with seven matches in the next 22 days before the World Cup, Pioli will need to rest a few players for a must-win Champions League match on Tuesday. Oh, and Theo Hernandez's house was robbed this week, so who knows what state of mind he will be in. His partner and six month-old son were home, and four men robbed her at gunpoint, so there is plenty of difficult things to overcome at Milan.

Berlusconi celebrating a Scudetto he literally had nothing to do with

I would like to crush Berlusconi's Monza for all the pain he put us actual Milan fans through. Also for Maignan. And Calabria. And Florenzi. And Ibrahimović. and Saelemaekers, all who are out for the rest of the year. But we are limping into this match with a half-strength squad, while they have basically a full strength squad who are high on the Berlusconi Kool-Aid. Still, I do believe in Karma, and after the way Maldini was treated as well, I can only hope that Karma steps in and gives us a hand. Either way, I will be ready to suffer those old geezers and their free transfer team like I have suffered everything else. So we meet again.

This match inspired by the music of She Wants Revenge

Our next match is 
Serie A Week 11
Milan vs. Monza
Saturday, October 22 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)
This match can be streamed LIVE on Paramount+ in the U.S.

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