Mercato Countdown

Each transfer window brings with it enough rumors and speculation to provide the clicks that feed the families of the poor starving journalists. Or at least they seem to survive somehow. I personally hate the mercato and find all of it a gigantic waste of everyone's time, at least until there is concrete information. But this particular mercato is more like a ticking time bomb. The sale of the club coincided with the renewal of Maldini and Massara, which has made life extra stressful for Milan fans, despite our recent Scudetto joy. With about ten days left until the transfer window officially opens, it has become a particularly nail-biting mercato countdown.

The most important renewal... ever?

Milan's entire resurgence was initiated by the return of Paolo Maldini. Our entire project is based on his vision for the club. Once the Scudetto was won and the focus turned to the sale of the club, he gave some warning comments about needing more respect. More recently, reports in the media claim he wants more authority and decision-making power at the club. Which is fair, to be honest.

He deserves respect, considering that Gazidis went behind his back two weeks after he and Massara hired Pioli and began talks with Ralf Rangnick. That became a very ugly and public affair while Pioli was leading the team on a thrilling undefeated streak post-COVID. Particularly after Gazidis also fired Boban for bringing that to light, it seems only fair. 

Fans do not forget history

Also considering that Gazidis sullied Milan's name and reputation by dragging us into the sordid Super League debacle without mentioning anything to Maldini, and began negotiations to sell the club while the team were fighting for the Scudetto this past season, both things that Maldini found out about in the news, I would say that Maldini has a right to at least be given a heads-up, if not have a say in such matters.

Now there are rumors that key players Milan have been in transfer talks with are being targeted by clubs with much bigger wallets while Maldini and Massara's renewals are still being sorted out. With Milan's new ownership still being ratified and a transfer budget being sorted out, the clock is ticking. For fans, it feels more like a time bomb. What if Maldini and Massara do not renew? What if they are not given what they want? We already survived the leanest mercato in recent history this past January, yet this is so much worse. 

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Or is this the end of the road?

Despite having just given us the greatest joy in decades with a miraculous Scudetto, here we are again, with intense anxiety based on our fourth ownership change in five years and a future of unknowns. Reports in the media have turned positive in the last 24 hours, with the possible resolution of our directors' contracts within the week, but who knows what is really going on behind the scenes? Until we know that Maldini and Massara are renewed and can begin renewing important players like Leão and selling and signing new players, this will be one nail-biting mercato countdown. 

This post inspired by the music of The Cure's "Disintegration"

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