Milan 1, Sampdoria 1: Flatlined

Coming into this match, I assumed we would be surprised, one way or the other. Unfortunately for Milan fans, it was the other. With 14 players who went out on international duty, Milan played as if they had all been on vacation instead of being a team wanting to stay in a title race. With zero shots on goal in the first half, and only three shots on target the whole game, it was as if Milan had flatlined.

Two of the Norwegians in this match, one scored, the other only got a yellow

Milan started out almost as if it was 3:30am their time instead of mine. Sampdoria controlled much of the first half, allowing Milan very few chances, while Gigio Donnarumma kept them off the board a number of times. When the most notable thing about a half of football is that there were four yellow cards before the whistle, you know it's a poor 45 minutes of football. Also, that Pioli started Saelemaekers, who barely qualifies as a winger, at right back, while Kalulu, an actual right back and Dalot, a right/left back were on the bench kind of describes how Milan faced this match.

Why. Just why.

The second half started with Pioli bringing on Kalulu, which finally made it seem like we actually had four at the back, but also offered speed and better passes and crosses, too. (Plus Saelemaekers was on a yellow card.) Things changed for the worse in the 57th minute when Theo made a ridiculously foolish pass, which Quagliarella pounced on, and finding Gigio Donnarumma well off his line, chipped him to make it 1-0 Sampdoria.

Easter surprise

Two minutes later, Milan were handed a lifeline that they failed to take: Adrien Silva earned a second yellow, so was sent off. Sampdoria were on ten men, but Milan seemed unaware of the man advantage. Pioli threw on Tonali and Rebic for Bennacer and Krunic, which admittedly helped somewhat, but Milan still couldn't find the goal. They took 14 shots, but with only the three on target. 


One of those shots would come from the 74th minute sub, Hauge. He apparently did not get the message that Milan were out to lunch. In the 87th, he sent it curling past Audero for the equalizer. 1-1 all. That was only his second Serie A goal, as he has struggled to find time outside of the first half of the Europa League season. Although Milan really didn't even deserve the draw, they did work tirelessly after the goal to try to find another. It was like they woke up with three minutes plus stoppage time and realized they were supposed to try to score. Kessie had an amazing shot in the 93rd minute, but it hit the post. Poor luck and poor play meant dropping two points. Or was that stealing one?

He worked hard, but was only able to hit the post

Milan were so consistently good last year that these inconsistent performances are hard to swallow. We know what they are capable of, and when they perform at lower than that level, it makes everyone question whether they were that good in the first place. They are that good, but did not show it today. Lunchtime games are rarely good for Milan, and they have also struggled at the San Siro all season, too. Outside of Hauge's brilliant goal, this match was not worth waking up so early for. Milan fans watching this match probably also flatlined.

This post inspired by the music of Lush

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!

Our next match is
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Parma vs. Milan
Saturday, April 10 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

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